A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words (48 pics)

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This stray cat was hit by a car, and doctors performed surgery. She recovered fully, and one of the surgeons adopted her straight from the clinic.

A nurse from the NICU left this informative note for the parents of a baby.

A couple found this safe in their house with a bottle of bourbon from 1960 and $50,000.

“An old man handed me this thing that he made himself.”

These firemen rescued a kitty from a fire.

A friendship between a boy and a bear lasted more than 10 years.

He’s holding his sister for the first time.

The beginning and the end sometimes look the same.

“Despite an accident that almost took my life, last weekend I finally got married to my best friend.”

This man is giving up his shoes for an underprivileged teenager.

It’s a very scary story.

“After 7 years of trying and fertility treatments, it finally happened!”

Little squirrel

“95 days clean from heroin today. I had money to buy myself new clothes for the first time in a very long time.”

“I fed this cat every day for 3 years. Today is the first time that she sat on my lap.”

“I met my best friend on GTA, and we recently met in real life.”

“After 13 years of failed infertility treatments, we have finally been able to officially adopt a baby.”

“My wife is donating a kidney today.”

This is the wreck of the warship Mars that sank in 1564. The cold water preserved its timber very well.

“I found a wallet that was lost in 1963. Took me 15 years to track down the owner only to find he had recently passed. This is what his family has done with it.”

“I was given a kitten. My dog thinks it’s her baby.”

“My little son was born at 24 weeks and is now a happy healthy 3-year-old! This is the first time they let me hold him.”

“A 22-year-old guy befriended an 81-year-old woman who he met playing online. Last week he met her in person for the first time.”

“Don’t forget to thank these veterans as well.”

“Me with my dad. And me with my son 34 years later on the same spot.”

“First time in my life I can afford to buy my parents Christmas presents.”

“A girl uses her umbrella to protect a stray dog during rains in India.”

Everyone has the right to a proper education.

“I couldn’t let her in our home, but I wasn’t gonna let her freeze. Later I took her home anyway.”

This sculpture looks like a social issue advertisement.

“The progression of Alzheimer’s through my mom’s crocheting.”

Flat tire in Alaska

Loving your job

Dr. Ted Rummel from the United States became paralyzed from the waist down, but it didn’t stop him from saving people’s lives. He soon returned to work and nowadays performs surgeries in a specialized wheelchair.

When your dad is a magician

A Christmas feast for everyone

Kelly and Zack Furr, a couple from Kentucky, decided to treat their pets to a real Christmas dinner.

When at 32 you still look like you’re 13

This girl is really 32 years old, but she has to flash her ID about 32 times a day to prove that’s her real age.

Waiting for a miracle

A girl with a heart of gold

He has his whole life ahead of him

Mother’s love

The present you’ve been waiting for

A brave little owl

Deputies from the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado were on patrol when they came across this brave baby owl. It was sitting right in the middle of the road, so the police officers had to get out of their car to have a little friendly chat with the ’offender.’ A few minutes later they came to an agreement, and the baby owl flew away to safety.

’What will I tell my Mum?’

The photo says it all

Sharing is caring

One Saturday morning, this boy went to his father and said that he finally knew how he wanted to spend all the pocket money he’d been saving. The boy asked for help buying some food and making sandwiches. He and his father then handed it all out to homeless people.

A happy client

I should plan something like this for the weekend

Rolling down the hill on an enormous piece of cellophane!

True hospitality


Credits:  brightside.me



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