Some Documentaries On YouTube Are Just Worth Watching (25 pics)

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Shark Attacks of 1916

Chronicles the series of horrific shark attacks that jumpstarted America’s fear of the ocean’s most dangerous predator.

U.S. Navy Seal vs Somali Pirates

The serious modern day problem is met with the full extent of America’s armed forces.

Food Fight: How Corporations Ruined Food

How quality took a back seat to profit in America’s food world.

Filming Wildlife: Behind the Scenes

Photographers put it all on the line to bring you the most captivating views of nature.

The Great Jungle War

An in-depth look at the little-known WWI battle fought in Colonial Africa.

The Search for Battleship Bismark

One of the most infamous battleships went missing. This doc follows the people on a mission to find it.

Wisconsin Death Trip 1999

A creepy look at mental illness, abuse, and the extreme violence that results when these things go unchecked.

Lizzie Bordon

A look at the mystery shrouding a woman accused of axing her parents to death.

Spontaneous Human Combustion?

A goofy myth? Or does spontaneous combustion hold any scientific footing?

Mediums: We See Dead People

Are they con-artists? Delusional? Or do they actually have some form of communication with the other side?

Haunted Houses

The scariest stories from the most haunted homes in the world will at least make you think “maybe…”

Witchcraft In America

An unsettling look at how groupthink can lead to mass hysteria.

Sex In the Civil War

The untold stories of domestic life during America’s bloodiest war.

The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off

A story about a boy who had a horrific and unexplainable disease that baffled doctors.

Australia, The Great White Shark

Divers follow sharks off the coast of Australia as they hunt seals, treating us to incredible visuals.

The Story of the Essex, the Real Moby Dick

The true story of a ship sunk by a massive whale that inspired Herman Melville’s classic novel.

Real Life Pirates Of The Caribbean

Pirates dominated the Caribbean for a long time, terrorizing merchant ships and ports with heinous and brutal crimes.

Inner City Sailing

A sailor teaches a group of inner city youths to sail before entering them in a competition.

The History of Toys and Games

The evolution of toys since the dawn of man.

The History of Photography and the Camera

A look at the geniuses and their inventions that shaped modern day photography.

Ansel Adams: a Documentary Film 2002

A biographical account of the ruthless perfectionist who pioneered the art of photography.


A look at the eccentric, talented and troubled musical legend.

Inside North Korea

Filmmakers risk it all to bring us an inside look at the Hermit Kingdom.

Caligula: 1400 Days of Terror

Life under the leadership of the most fucked up rulers in history.

The Family that Walks on All Fours

A family in a remote part of the world developed a strange means of getting around. But why?


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