There Are Pics To Prove Anything! (45 pics)

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Kansas City Fire Department Saves Kansas City Police Department From Elevator

I Walk Through The Park And Suddenly I Saw This

It's As If It Was Meant To Be

"When Your Three Year Old Tells Man At Mcdonald's That His Pants Are Falling Down." Friend's Photo

A Gorilla Flipped Me Off, So I Flipped Him Off In Return And He Was Very Offended

How Is That Even Possible?

When I Was 11 I Played Chess With Morgan Freeman

My Aunt Got Some New Neighbors Who Came By To Introduce Themselves Today.

I Think A Squirrel Fell Off My Roof

Upon Arriving To Help Get My Keys Out Of My Car, The AAA Guy Locked His Keys In His Car And Had To Call AAA

Paddling In The Middle Of Monterey Bay, And This Guy Needed A Break

I Go Walking, After Midnight, Out In The Moonlight

Sandwich Shop Offers Liam Neeson Free Food, Liam Neeson Show Up

Sorry Class, My Dog Ate Everyone's Homework

Girlfriend Saw A Rainbow Pigeon In London

My Buddy Went To A Wedding Last Weekend And This Swan Wouldn't Stop Staring At Him Through The Door

Hadn't Seen My Bff In A Couple Of Years. After An 8 Hour Drive, I Got Out Of The Car As She Walked Out Of The House. In The Same Damn Shirt

On The Boat With My Family And I Was Sitting On The Edge To Get A Good Photo Of The Water And Me And Two Dolphins And It's Calf Jumped Out Of The Water And This Image Was Caught At The Perfect Time

When I Was A Young Comedian, Robin Williams Stopped In To Do A Surprise Set On A Show I Was Hosting. Talked To Him For 20 Minutes After The Show. Then I Handed My Friend A Camera (Not A Phone, That's How Long Ago It Was) And Asked Robin For A Picture. He Gave Me A Huge Bear Hug And Said "How About Now?" What A Sweet Guy

So This Happened In Northern Wisconsin

I Love Retail

Heard Something Going On In The Kitchen Then Heard Screams Of Bloody Murder. Walked In And Saw This. A Goat Stuck In My Trash Can

My Bus Driver Looks Almost Exactly Like Walter White From Breaking Bad

My Girlfriend Happened To Catch All 3 Stages In A Ladybugs Life Cycle On A Single Leaf

Buddy Of Mine Calls Me To Tell Me He Just Rolled His Jeep Through A Telephone Pole. I Said Pics Or It Didn't Happen. He Sent Me This

Mom Told Me The Rooster Was After Her Today. Had To Check Security Camera To Verify

An Owl Flew Into My Car Once, In Las Vegas, While The Car Was Moving With The Windows Open. I Spent A Solid 3 Hours Figuring Out How To Get This Out Of My Car

I Had 3 Different Colored Squirrels In My Yard

I Went Away To Nerd Fitness Camp And Really Took To The Archery Portion. In Some Freak Shot, I Managed To Shoot The Edge Of A Balloon Without Popping It. The Instructor Never Saw Anything Like It

After Eight Hours Of Balancing Stones On The Beaches Of Lake Superior Yesterday, I Was Exhausted. Then I Saw This Big White Rock, Got Re-Inspired, And Created One More Piece, The Favorite Of The Day

Chuck Norris Pinned By My Dad

My Friend Texted Me Saying She Was Watching A Squirrel Eat A Pizza In A Tree. I Said, "Pics Or It Didn't Happen." She Replied With This

Saw This Caterpillar At Work Today That Has Little Penguins On Its Back

Went To An Ax Throwing Booth At A Regional Highland Games And Threw An Ax Into Another Ax That Was Already On The Target

Proposed To My Girlfriend And Realized There Is A Heart In Our Shadows

After Sixteen Years Of Driving Past This Sign, It Finally Happened

I Was Taking Fresh Air At The Window When Suddenly

Sitting On The Couch With A Headache And An Ice Pack On My Head When My Girlfriend Tells Me Not To Move

Just Happened To See A Rainbow On Rainbow Blvd

I Snuck In To A Volcom Release Party By Wearing A Grocery Store Receipt

I Was Mowing My Lawn And Came Across This Pink Grasshopper

A Butterfly With '89' On The Side Of Its Wing Landed On My Shorts

I've Been Looking For This Forever. Finally Found It At My Parents House. Here's My Twin Brother Eating Pizza With Some Famous Twins In 1991. When I Was In 10th Grade My High School Friends Didn't Believe That Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen Used To Be Friends With My Twin Brother And I

Johnny Depp Was In My In-Laws' Wedding Band, 1982

Normal Day In Australia... Just Witnessed The Local Police In Hot Pursuit Of Two Emus





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