Everything And Everyone Withers When Time Flies (40 pics)

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This Whole Brick Wall Which Has Been Shaped By The Sea

In 1995, My Great-Aunt Gave Me A Stuffed Cat. It Was My Absolute Favorite, And Slept With Me Every Night Through My Childhood. When She Passed, We Found Out She Had Bought An Identical Cat And Kept It In Pristine Condition For Two Decades. The Years Of Love Certainly Left Their Mark.

Picture Of The Same Woman Before And After 48 Years

Mother Tombstone In The Old Burying Ground, Wakefield, Ma. Love How The Tree Is Now Hugging Her

Centuries Of Use (La Meauffe, Manche, France)

My Dads Cat Has Been Scratching The Same Leg Of This Bench For The Past Decade

A Bicycle Was Left Chained To A Tree

The Way The Floor Has Faded In Near Perfect Semi-Circles At This Barber Shop

Trinity Abbey In My Home Town, Mid-Cleaning

Six Months Of Buildup In A Pipe Used For A Mineral Pool Spa

My Best Friend From 33 Years Ago And A New Old Stock One My Pop Got For My Baby Son

WWI Trench 95 Years Later

My Grandfather's Screwdriver

What Happens When You Peel Off 30 Years Of Graffiti? You Get A Layered Timeline Of 30 Years, Just Like A Tree But Made Out Of Spray Can Paint. That Is The Wall (And Part) I Took It From

Ghosts Of Union Station

Each Bottle Is The Same Whiskey Matured In The Cask For One Year More Than The Last

These Sand Bags From 40+ Years Ago Are Now Solid Rock

This Tree Holding Up Stones From A Collapsed Wall

A Silver Dollar That My Great Grandfather Carried In His Pocket For 20 Years Until The Day He Passed Away

Veteran Great White

This Light Post Is Outside Of A Popular Music Club In New Orleans. After 40 Years Of Having Band Flyers Stapled To It, There's No More Room

One Pillowcase Has Been Used Nearly Everyday For 40 Years. The Other Has Been In A Closet

The Difference In Shoe Wear Between My Regular Foot And My Prosthetic Foot After A Year

An Old CRT TV Screen That Has Seen A Lot Of Pacman

Bronze Statue Of Iconic Ballerina, Margot Fonteyn, At The Royal Ballet School In London. Ballet Students Touch The Middle Finger For Luck Each Time They Walk Past

This Church In Detroit, Mi Hasn't Been Cleaned Since It Was Built 134 Years Ago. I Always Thought The Stone Was Black

My Bedroom Wall Has An Outline From My Dog Sleeping In The Same Spot And Position For Years

Heard You Guys Like Old Stuffed Animal Stories. On The Left Is My First (Now Un)stuffed Animal I️ Received For Christmas 29 Years Ago. On The Right, The New Fraffy My Mom Tracked Down To Give To My 8 Month Old Son For His First Christmas. I️ Can’t Believe He Used To Have Horns!


Two Cars Left Somewhere In The Woods Of Japan For Years

The Men's Bathroom Door Vs The Women's At My Engineering University

Buddy At Work Has A Very Worn Out Id Card And It's Kinda The Scariest Thing I've Ever Seen

These Trees Are Curved Due To The Constant Airflow From Nearby Exhaust Vents

A Tale Of 2 Teddies - My Sister And I Both Got Them At The Same Time, ~18 Years Ago

My Paint Mixing Stick Got Heavy After 10 Years Of Use So I Cut The End Off

Old Public Piano Has Its Pedal Worn Away From Constant Use

Iron Chef Morimoto's Knives. Top Is A New Knife. Bottom Is After 3 Years Of Use, Sharpening, And Cleaning At His Restaurant

This Tree Grew Through A Fence And Still Has The Markings

I Left This CD Sitting In My Car For Over A Year. The Sun Made This Crazy Design On It

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