McDonald’s Has Lots Of Special Foods In Different Countries (29 pics)

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Cheesy Pork Burger (McDonald's Taiwan)


Melted cheese + a fried pork patty + lettuce.


Pesto Pasta (McDonald's Rome)

Pasta at McDonald's! Only in Italy.


Potato Grids (McDonald's Korea)

Yes McDonald's does serve Waffle fries, unfortunately it's only in Asia.


Milky Tea Float (McDonald's Thailand)

Milk Tea mixed with the classic McDonald's soft serve.


Fish & Chips (McDonald's Thailand)

No, no...this isn't in the UK! It's in Asia.


Spaghetti, Fried Chicken, and a Banana Pie (McDonald's Philippines)

Three seemingly random things that you can all get from McDonald's in the Philippines.


Pineapple Pie (McDonald's China)

Pineapple pie, what's not to love?


Grilled Pork Rice (McDonald's Vietnam)

The cucumber here is a nice touch...not to mention that delicious rice patty.


Greek Mac (McDonald's Greece)

A Big Mac, but with a pita.


Chips & Salsa Burger (McDonald's Taiwan)

So, I'm assuming the chips give a nice crunch to this burger.


Crispy Onion Angus Burger with egg (McDonald's Hong Kong)

This is a different take on a burger. There's egg, cheese, crispy onion, and what looks to be a special bun.


Sankaku Choco Pie (McDonald's Japan)

This is a flaky crust packed with chocolate. This pic might not look the best, but people say it's amazing.


Teriyaki Burger (McDonald's Japan)

A burger smothered in Teriyaki sauce. Yum.


Melon Fanta (McDonald's Japan)

Melon Fanta, gimme all your sweet, refreshing goodness!


Deluxe BBQ Chicken Burger (McDonald's Japan)

This is like a modified Big Mac, there's a fried chicken patty, cheese, egg, and lettuce.


Camembert Cheese Bites (McDonald's Oman)

These are like a modified mozzarella stick. Yum!


Bubblegum Squash McFlurry (McDonald's Australia)

This delicious dessert is made with soft serve, marshmallows, and bubble gum syrup.


Twisty Pasta Breakfast (McDonald's Macau)

So the person who took this photo added meat to it, but my research tells me that this dish consists of vegetables, twisty pasta, egg, and hot chicken broth.


Hokkaido Burger (McDonald's Japan)

There's a salmon burger, some bacon, and all topped off with a dollop of mashed potato.


Ricotta and Spinach Bites (McDonald's Italy)

Ricotta cheese, and spinach brought into a holy union by frying. Omg.


McDonald's BBQ Fries and Cheeseburger Royal (McDonald's Zurich)

So these are basically just thick-cut fries with a BBQ dipping sauce. The Cheeseburger Royal is a staple in Europe. It's made with Swiss beef, cheddar, onions, pickle, ketchup, and mustard. Basically a Quarter Pounder with cheese.


Macaroons (McDonald's Belgium)

Yes, the desserts at McDonald's are clearly much more lit across the pond.


Banh McMuffin (McDonald's Vietnam)

Egg and cucumber on an English muffin. Sounds delish.


Pineapple Cookie Crumble McFlurry (McDonald's Singapore)

Soft serve, pineapple flavor, and cookie bites bring this magical McFlurry to life.


Bubur Ayam (McDonald's Indonesia)

This is a porridge made with chicken strips, spring onions, sliced ginger, fried shallots, and diced chillies. Get in my belly.


Kon Gemilang (McDonald's Malaysia)

Kon Gemilang translates to "brilliant cone." The flavor is described as a sweet corn.


Grilled Pork Banh Mi (McDonald's Vietnam)

This local Vietnamese staple gets the McDonald's treatment. It's cucumber, grilled pork, carrots, and a special sauce.


Sweet Potato Fries (McDonald's Singapore)

Pretty simple, but you still can't get this in the US.


Corn Cup (McDonald's Hong Kong)

And finally, instead of getting fries you can get a cup of corn at some Asian McDonald's.




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