Go Back To The Earlier Days Of Your Life Through These Photos (30 pics)

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Putting your elbows on the cold, cold surface of these tables in chemistry class:

Peaking over the teacher's shoulder to see if you're failing the class:

Opening up a fresh can of Play-Doh, smelling that sweet, sweet smell:

Sitting around, bored, staring at this channel because nothing is on TV:

Watching Nickelodeon and seeing these ads every 5–10 minutes:

Hiding from your mom and thinking you're invisible inside these while shopping:

Opening up a fresh package of watercolor paints, untouched in all their glory. Then putting juuuust a dash of water in:

Walking through the grocery store, pulling down every coupon you could possibly pull down:

Looking through the aisles of the video store trying to find the perfect movie or game, hoping they had it in stock:

Grabbing the newspaper from the recycling bin, tracing the lines with your finger to check to see the movies playing that day:

Driving home during a snowstorm, pretending you and your parents were entering hyperdrive:

Opening up a box or a drawer and getting HIT with the smell of old crayons:

Stabbing your pencil into an eraser out of boredom, all while glancing at the clock every two minutes:

Jumping over these seats, all while smelling that distinct "bus seat" smell:

Days spent home taking that pink, chalky medicine while watching The Price is Right:

Running around a wooden playground, trying not to run into a bee nest or get a handful of splinters:

Being halfway done with your homework when THIS happened:

Going over to your grandma's house, trying to sneak more food, and seeing all these fruit magnets on the fridge:

Eating a bowl of sugary cereal out of these every Saturday morning:

Driving down the road imagining a little person running alongside the car, hopping from every pole or from shadow to shadow:

Sitting on the floor directly in front of the TV right when this came up:

Walking into school knowing it was book fair day, and the excitement from looking around trying to find the perfect book:

Walking into the computer lab just knowing you were in for an easy day of school:

Running over to the phone to see exactly who was calling and ultimately just ignoring it:

Sitting at home in front of your computer with nothing to do but play this game because the internet went out:

Getting up in the middle of class, walking over to this, and slowly turning it as it made so, so much noise:

Sitting at your computer trying to think of the perfect font and song lyric for your away message, just praying the right person will see it:

Entering "rosebud" over and over and OVER again:

Walking in the library and seeing these stools everywhere:

And lying in your bed at night and looking up at these stars:

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