If You Troll – You Troll Hard! (60 pics)

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My girlfriend asked for a 6-foot teddy bear for Christmas. Today she got this:

I hope it’s a bike.

This little girl asked for Frozen stuff for Christmas.

This is the best way to wrap an iPhone.

Money is a good gift, but bitcoins are better.

This Apple Watch will show the time and keep the doctor away.

Merry Christmas, son!

Got some empty boxes to wrap my gifts in.

Here’s my bacon-wrapped gift for a vegetarian friend.

My sister seems to like her new gift.

I’m in love with the shape of these wrapped socks.

Presented the “jewelry” my wife wanted for Christmas.

Custom wrapping paper for my dad with his least favorite picture of himself!

I got my dad a pair of skis for Christmas. So as to confuse and scare him a little bit, I wrapped them like this.

My girlfriend wrapped her Christmas presents in fast-food bags. I’m lovin’ it!

I thought I got the best present ever...for a minute.

My uncle’s gift to the family this year wasn’t really appreciated.

My boyfriend told me he’d get me the greatest gift ever for Christmas.

My mom wins the “Best Gift Award.”

My brother jokingly told our grandma that he wanted 100 things from the Dollar Store for Christmas. Grandma doesn’t like being challenged.

My dad’s reaction to my sister’s first driving lesson.

— Dad, can you give me $200?!

— Sure thing, son! Go to my writing desk, open the upper left drawer, and take as much as you like!

Dad who’s been trolling daughter by recreating her racy selfies now has 2x more followers than her

These detective novels are even more mysterious now!
Sometimes janitors are bored too.
What’s in the front then?
He had half a scooter as a boy.
Then why do they say that silence is golden?
When your neighbor’s house is higher than yours
Solicitous father: God level
"After watching TRON, my daughter was scared I would get sucked into the computer. She saw this in the morning."
"This is how my family reacts to my father’s jokes."
"My aunt and uncle put photos of the entire family in the toilet."
"My father is an obstetrician. On Christmas Day, he was asked to come to work. These are the clothes he was wearing when he left."
"I asked my girlfriend to send me a photo in her underwear. This is how her dad answered."
"I wonder if my nephew likes this present?!"
"This is just me going fishing with my grandfather."
"My nephews and nieces didn’t appreciate my Christmas presents this year."
"I took my son to meet his Uncle Joe."
"My boss and I had an ugly sweater competition."
"I wanted to decorate a pumpkin but...whatever."
This pilot’s trolling passengers at the airport.
Security guards are prankers too.
This guy dressed up as a store worker on Halloween. They made him work.
"My mother-in-law’s present to me."
"My wife has just finished Police Academy, and her sister sent her a bunch of donuts."
"My mother-in-law thought this present would embarrass me, but she was wrong."
"My parents told my brother that we had another brother who turned into a mushroom because he didn’t like to have a shower. To make the story more plausible, they even added a photo to our family album."
"My mom sent me this photo. As it turns out, she broke a knife while cooking."

Credits:  brightside.me

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