Why Do People Even Collect Such Stuff?! (34 pics + 1 gif)

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Mark McKinley owns a presumably terrifying collection of over 954 talking clocks.

A collection of claw machine stuffed animals. Now that’s fucking impressive.

Chris Reid has over 240 unique super soakers. It’s only cool though if he lets his friends play with them.

Graham Barker has the world’s largest collection of belly button fluff. Not that he had any competition.

Carsten Tews has over 1,563 different mobile phones.

David Andreani has collected Coca-Cola cans from almost every country except Cuba and North Korea.

This goofy gal has about 2,000 ‘Goofy’ items. Sorry, I had to.

Rob Hull owns over 570 Daleks. I think it’s safe to say he’s a ‘Doctor Who’ fan.

A collection of stone and mineral eggs, which some people didn’t know existed until right now.

This awesome collection of aircrew flight gear belongs to a Life Support Specialist.

‘The Little Prince’ in every language.

A collection of pitchers from Italy. Just Don’t. Touch. Anything.

Pencil sharpeners from all around Australia.

This mom collects sand from every beach she visits.

A collection of cloth diapers, some new releases and some rare.

Part of a collection of donkey cart planters.

This collection of different versions of the painting ‘Sjöbjörnen’ is oddly specific, but I appreciate the dedication.

This collection of art and figures is of comic book character Galactus.

Red Deer antlers that were found on the ground from trips to the woods.

This mother who passed away, gave her ‘Hard Rock Cafe’ collection to her kids.

A collection of food shaped erasers that are too perfect to ever use.

The classic fridge magnet collection (specifically from their travels around the world).

Richard Jones has 3,000 nails from around the world. But how many hammers does he have?

This man collected Smurfs and then, of course, had to create a village to display them.

We’ve all bought souvenir salt and pepper shakers before.

A collection of bottles made in the 19th and early 20th century.

This person collects their cat’s beard hairs that fall out. Because that’s not weird.

Only one corner of a husband’s Hotwheels collection.

It took 11 years to complete this collection of 1973 version books.

This collection of Diecast cars with little people is downright adorable.

This Grandpa’s collection of beer cans is epic.

David Morgan has 137 unique traffic cones, and I’m in shock that they make that many variations.

This sucrologist (that’s a real thing) has a collection of over 489 sugar packets.

Vic Clinco has over 6,000 bottles of hot sauce, including a rare bottle of Blair’s 16 Million Reserve, the hottest hot sauce in the world.

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