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Businesses That Combined In Very Strange Ways (32 pics)

Posted in Funny » Fail   19 Jan 2018   / 2444 views

Take for instance Taxidermy and Cheese, which makes me hungry and nauseous at the same time.

Admit it, what’s the first word you think of when you hear “beauty parlor?” It’s “Chainsaw,” right? Has to be.

I can think of no wrong place to eat ice cream I suppose.

The owners promise it won’t traumatize your kids for live. Sure, I’m in.

Speaking of funerals, this is an obvious two birds with one stone situation right here.

“FORE-WORKS” was such a missed opportunity.

I mean, yes, to all three…in that order.

Theater will never be the same.

I could get into this on Sundays.

I get such great travel advice while getting my hair done. Doesn’t everyone?

Pizza + Guns = ‘Merica

Chief Smokehouse and Laundromat raises no questions at all.

I had questions about pet cities, I have more about soda cities.

I mean who doesn’t need a little liquid courage before learning to drive, right?

Videos, jewelry, & tanning, covers so many of the baser needs.

Mother of God…this place has everything!

At least you know you can leave the medical room with balloons.

Cars and pool tabes is where the fuckin’ party is at.

A wedding Chapel Beer Museum. I need to get remarried.

Do I get free dumplings with every cleaning?

Wash your clothes while getting your taxes done. Brilliant.

AND you can get your hair done during tax time too!? Boom.

Because Chaplin was a damn candy fiend.

That’s one way to support our troops.

Come for the electronics, stay because there’s plenty of places to sleep.

This is bound to cause some trippy drug side effects. So buckle-up, kids!

“Clean my gun and tidy up my neck hairline while you’re at it, please.”

Massage me WHILE your taking my suit measurements.

Again, the possibilities are endless while you’re getting a hair trim.

Oh, look archery items are back in stock. Sweet.

Take you dogs to the car wash, they’ll absolutely hate you for it!!

San Juan Hot Springs Dance Hall & Police Services is the hottest club in town. Just don’t break the law, whatever you do you smooth criminal, you.


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