Kids Make The Most Brutal Gift Cards… (39 pics)

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Kid's "Glad You're Not Dead" Gift To Grandpa

Valentines Day Card From A Student

My Friends Little Son Gave His Teacher A Get Well Card

One Of My Girlfriends Students Gave Her This Card For Her Birthday

As If Being Deployed For Valentines Day Isn't Bad Enough... Thanks Donovan

In The Hospital With Pancreatitis, This Is The Get Well Soon Card And My Daughter Drew For Me

My Best Friend Is An Elementary School Teacher. Her Students Are Writing Postcards To Veterans. This Happened

My Young Niece And I Send Each Other Funny Cards In The Mail Sometimes. Her Latest One Really Cut Me Deep

Look, A Fathers Day Card From My 10yo Daughter. How Sweet... Wait What?

A Card From My 5-Year-Old Daughter Hoping I Win Lots Of “Pennies” At The Casinos In Vegas

Dear Dad, You May Not Look Handsome

My Friend's Son Made This For Father's Day

Found This "Gift" I Gave My Mom When I Was 8-Years-Old

My Friend Turned 21 Today, His Little Sister Wrote Him A Custom Card

Found This Vaguely Threatening Valentine Card In A Box Of Keepsakes

Kids Are Brutally Honest

My Son's Chemistry Teacher Asked Him To Make A Valentine's Day Card Related To Chemistry. The Second Image Says It All

Great Birthday Card I Saw On Twitter This 11 Year Old Gets Life.

My Cousin Babysits A Child Who Is Not Very Fond Of Her

Amazing Valentines Day Card Of Mom Sharing Love While Dad Shares Gas

One-Year Veganniversary Card From My 9 Year Old Daughter

My Wife Works At The Va Where School Kids Dropped Off Cards. The Elderly Vet That Got This One Responded: "I'm Not Dead Yet!"

My Friends Daughter Had A School Assignment To Draw "Family Card"

My 11 Year Old Son's Christmas Gift To Me

My Bf's Brother Was In The Military And He Got This Card From A Kid For Veteran's Day Today

Our Family Is The Most Inpotent!

I'm On An Air Force Base In Korea, We Got Christmas Cards From School Kids Last Year And This One Is Hanging In The Office

My Brother Just Opened His Card From My 5 Year Old Niece. His Name Is Kurt

My Kids Aren't Allowed To Buy My Christmas Card, They Have To Make It. I Got This Gem

My Son's Christmas Card Design

My Wife Is Sick. My Daughter Drew A Picture On A Get Well Soon Card

I Used To Volunteer At A Local Kindergarten. One Of The Kids Made Me This Card

My Friend Got This Card From A Little Kid On Her Birthday

Card From My Kid



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