Dogs REALLY Don’t Like Going To The Vet… (40 pics)

Posted in Animals       1 Feb 2018       4287      

The Moment He Realized We Went To The Vet Instead Of The Dog Park

I May Have Caught The Moment My Dog Realised We Weren't Going To The Park

Scared Boye Waiting To See The Vet

Which One Has His First Trip To The Vet?

She Knows She Is Headed To The Vet

Jack's Strategy At The Vet: If I Can't See You You Can't See Me

So My Dog Had To Go To The Vet Today

Taking A Different Route To The Vet Worked. Until We Turned The Corner

The Exact Moment He Realized He Was Heading To The Vet

Suspicious Corgi Is Suspicious

My Friend's Dog Just Found Out He Is Heading To The Vet

Saw This At The Vet's Office A While Back

The Moment He Realized We Went Past The Dog Park And We're On The Way To The Vet

He Figured Out We Were On Our Way To The Vet And Not The Dog Park

Perfect Hiding Place From Vet. She Will Never Find Me

When I've Told My Dog, That We Are Going To Visit Vet

That Moment He Realized We Aren't Going To The Park

How Do They Always Know You're Taking Them To The Vet Even If You Don't Say Anything?

Taking My Dog To The Vet To Get Neutered I Think He Knows

The Vet Said "Time For Shots"

No, Your Sweet Talk Is Not Going To Work This Time

She Makes This Face When We Pull Up To The Vet, And Not The Park

My Dog Hiding From The Vet

Naty Realized We Were Going To The Vet

Someone Gets A Little Nervous At The Vet

Friend's Dog Is Getting Neutered Today. He Knows

"Omg We're In The Car", "Wait I Know What This Is"

Typical Vet Visit. He's Such A Baby

Trying To Escape Before His Vet Appointment

He Realised Where He Is

Scenes From The Vet. Maybe They Won't See Me

I Told Her To Put Her Brave Face On For The Vet And This Is What I Get

He Knows He's At The Vet

"You Promised We Weren't Going To The Vet"

This Is The Look My Dog Gave Me When I Asked Her If She Wanted To Go To The Vet. I'm Going To Say The Answer Is A No

The Best Dog Was At The Vet This Evening

He's Not Here

My Dog Is A Little Scared Of The Vet

Dog In The Waiting Room At The Vet

When I Thought I Was Going Christmas Shopping Then When I Found Out I Was Going To The Vet



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