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Friendships That Went Above And Beyond (25 pics)

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“I gave my grandma round sunglasses. All of her friends bought the same sunglasses, and now they look as if they are going to record the coolest hip-hop album of the year.”
“I believed I could make anything balance on her head. That’s how I started this experiment.”
“We decided to get into the movie theater with only one ticket. That’s why we dressed like an overweight man.”
The guy’s bride didn’t let him go to his friend’s birthday party. Nevertheless, his friends took him with them.
“In 2016, my friends and I decided to recreate the cover of a games catalog from 1991. It seems like we did a good job.”
The man in the picture stopped terrorists and was severely injured. His friends brought this magazine to the hospital. Subtle British humor.
“My best friend got upset that I left the army so he made himself a new friend.”
Real friends won’t let you miss the game.
Perhaps this photo is even better than the one he was hoping for?
“Every year, my friends and I participate in ‘No-Shave November’ and take a themed picture afterward.”
“In 3 months, I marry my best friend, and, yes, that’s our best picture together.”
“My friends know how to dress in Vegas.”
“My friend injured her knee. I told her if she dressed like an old rich man, I would dress like an escort model and would accompany her all night long on Halloween.”
“My friend tells everyone that he looks like Robert Pattinson. This is what he did to prove that.”
These friends made a VIP-beach area where they don’t have to change the position of the umbrella because of the movement of the Sun.
“The birthday of my best friend who moved and found new friends. Guess where am I in this picture.”
“We printed out a large photo of our drunk friend. He is not very happy.”
“I had a bad day and asked my friend to send me something comforting...”
“My friend loves to send me his travel pictures. Here is one from India, for example.”
A friend in need is a friend indeed.
A true friend will always find a way to help.
These 2 guys found a way to play together even though they are at a hospital and one of them can’t leave the room.
“I love playing PS4 but the majority of my friends are Xbox fans. They pooled their money to buy me an Xbox so that I wouldn’t feel like the black sheep anymore.”
This guy wears strange costumes to the gym to attract as much attention as possible because his friend is embarrassed to go to the gym.
An adorable friendship of a kitten and a dog:

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