Pics That Are So Poignant and Fascinating (40 pics)

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Canadian police officers meditating before they start their day

Group therapy session at San Quentin prison

Ballerina Aesha Ash is wandering around inner city Rochester in a tutu to change stereotypes about women of color and inspire young kids 

For most of her career at the New York City Ballet she was the only African-American ballerina. Aesha retired from ballet in 2008 and started the Swan Dreams Project, a project that encourages African-American girls to become ballet dancers.

She’s determined to use her dance background to change the stereotypes and misconceptions that people—including black people—have about women of color. “I want to show it’s okay to embrace our softer side, and let the world know we’re multidimensional,” says Ash.

This photo of Toronto looks like a scene from Blade Runner

Japanese Customer Service

Menu for first class passengers in the Titanic

Menu for third class passengers in the Titanic

When you reach 100 years old in Barbados, you get a stamp in your honor

This picture of Swedish triple murderer at court

This is what the inside of a Swedish prison looks like

Brazil maintains a fleet of hospital ships that dock at riverside villages and treat the locals for free

Girl Scouts selling cookies outside of a marijuana dispensary

Daft Punk performing helmetless, circa 1990s

Over 7 ft and 2600 lbs. This is Big Jake, the worlds largest horse

Cable car to Mount Hua, China


Tourists in the 1920s before Cairo expanded look across the Sahara Desert from the top of the Pyramid of Cheops at sunset

Sometimes Blu-ray can remove the illusion

Curiosity sent a new selfie from Mars

Hospital room in Romania , 2018

London Pub, 1967

Utah’s Great Salt Lake. On the left of the railroad the lake has turned pink due to brine shrimp and algae.

Elon Musks mother looks like a supervillain who will one day end us all

This is an intact human nervous system that was dissected by 2 medical students in 1925. It took them over 1500 hours. There are only 4 of these in the world


Quarrying Carrara Marble in Italy

This is what $20 million under a mattress looks like

Before Kramer’s Entrance

Father of three daughters who were abused by Larry Nassar lunging at him in court

Capsule Hotel In Japan

Lichtenberg figures – scars from being struck by lightning

Gal Gadot at 18

How to open a new book

How the car was driven in Baby Driver when the actors were busy acting inside

This ad for the New Dodge Demon is simply the letter from the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) telling them it’s too fast to be allowed

New NASA photos from Mars only seem to bring the planet that much closer to home

AFC Super Bowl QBs since 2003

The unseen security at Super Bowls



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