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It Should Be Forbidden To Be THIS Photogenic! (21 pics)

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First shot:

This baby is a natural-born photo model. He was inside a belly just a few seconds ago and now he’s already posing in front of the camera.

Super photogenic baby:

“Hey, baby, I’m going to become the most important man in your life!”

A moment before the inevitable:

Can’t imagine her reaction 2 seconds later, but she probably won’t be smiling.

Wonder woman:

Some people can act like nothing happened even after they get shot!

Beyond photogenic:

Even if he’s losing, he’s still winning.

Probably the most handsome criminal ever:

We wonder what he’s guilty of? Forcible entry into someone’s heart?

Lady on fire 1:

She seems so untroubled by the giant fire behind her...

Lady on fire 2:

It seems that these women know a certain secret about fire and how to not be afraid of it.

Fake runner?

How could this guy look so good after running a few kilometers? Seems like he was just walking by and decided to pretend that he’s participating in the marathon.

Police duties:

What exactly was in his job description?

Good friends always meet again.

This looks like the friendliest arrest ever.

Complete concentration:

She must have practiced a LOT if she can jump without looking!

The only good photo of a fan and a celebrity:

Seems like they’re both made of wax. Too good to be true.

Family portrait:

The kid is a chip off the old block.

Perfect posing in all possible conditions:

Making the best out of the worst.

Out of a magazine?

The most stunning wakeboarder ever!

Favorite moment:

Where is everyone else looking?

Mr. Photogenic

This guy must have a superpower! It’s just impossible to look so good on a water slide.

Magic moment:

Is this what “love at first sight” looks like?

Everything is OK!

What a positive boy. I can see his face with this hand on a pack of cookies or cereals.

Slumdog supermodel

This homeless guy looks even better than some models. We won’t be surprised if some agency already signed him.

Credits: brightside.me

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