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Some People Simply Suck At Photoshop (40 pics)

Posted in Funny » Photoshop   8 Feb 2018   / 5544 views

Ghosts Took The Dog!

For When Your Child Is Satan

The Arm... Oh God...

That's Not How You Use A Selfie Stick

Mysterious Leg

This Woman Looking Out The Plane Is Very Calm Considering She's About To Crash Into The Hudson

Never Ever Leave Your Baby Unattended In The Bath...

The Peas On This Menu Photo Are Photoshopped In

She Just Forgot To Draw Them That Morning

So This Is How You Play Guitar?

That Time When American Apparel Cropped Out Horse's Body From The Picture

The Attention To Detail Is Unreal

This Picture Was On My Pasta Box. What Did They Do To Her?!

I Guess The Original Family Just Wasn't Attractive Enough

Living On The Edge

Ally Brooke With Two Right Feet

Samsung Tablet Can Show You The Future

This Shopped Car At The Mazda Booth At The Portland International Auto Show

Babies, We Need More Babies In This Picture

Unless You're An Identical Twin, Don't Bother Applying For This Job

Spot The Mistake. Photoshop Pros At Work

Those Are Awfully Long Arms You've Got There

Lady Sold Her House For 9 Dollars

Sometimes A Little Bit Of Photoshop Is Necessary. French Shopping Website La Redoute Forgot To Take Out The Naked Guy In The Background

These Poor Squid-Girls

The Holes In The Waffles Don’t Match The Holes In The Waffle Maker

Nightmare Material

The Many Hands Of Michelle Obama

Photoshop Fail For October Puppy. How Does He Poo?

Kylie Minogue's Got A Curvy... Wall

What Is Happening Here?

Hands, They Are Everywhere

Another Unrealistic Looking Thigh Gap

This "Professional" Photographer Who "Fixed" Family's Photo Shoot Pictures

Looks Like Reese Witherspoon And Oprah Grew Some Extra Limbs

This Online Store Photoshopped Front Facing Underwear Onto A Model Facing Backwards

Awww Yesss Finally A Shower That Works With My Broken Neck

Someone Should Tell This Women Her Belly Button Is In The Wrong Place

This Is On A Window In London. It's Supposed To Promote Some Weight Loss/diet Thing The Image Of The Woman Was Just Stretched In Photoshop

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