These Librarians Will Make You Laugh While Reading (40 pics)

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Sometimes I Wear My Panda Hat To Work. This Is What It Looks Like To Everyone Walking Into The Library

When Libraries Troll Their Patrons

My Local Library

This Was At My College Library Entrance

"Please Do Not Let In The Cat"

My School Library Knows What's Up

Every Year My School's Librarian Dresses Up As A Book Reaper To Collect Overdue Books

Mystery Indeed

My Town's Public Library Has A Clever Blizzard Solution

I Went To The Library, Accidentally Ended Up In Intersteller...

My Local Library Is Taking People's Mugshot

My Local Library Has This Sign On Their Dropoff Slot

Who Ever Said Librarians Don't Have A Sense Of Humor?!

I Am Glad To Know That I Am Safe In My Universities Library

This Librarian Is Brilliant

Saw This In My School Library

My University Library, Ladies And Gentlemen

We Found This Beautiful Wooden Writing Desk In The Newbold College Library, Opened The Drawer, And Found This Message

My Wife Is A High School Librarian And One Of Her Students Lost A Turtle In The Library Earlier In The Week. Today He Was Found. She Swears This Picture Wasn't Staged. Is This Awesome Or Is My Wife A Liar?

I Love My Local Library

Well Played Library Well Played

I Was Studying In The Library When My Phone Rang. Returned After A Few Minutes.

My Library Trolled The Blue Cover People

Ran Across This In My Local Library

The Librarians Are Making This Joke

This Is On A School Library

When You're Having A Bad Day At Work And Need To Cheer Yourself Up, You Name Your Department's Cartel

So My University's Library Just Uploaded These Pictures To Their Facebook Page

Saw This In The Library At My College Today. Nice Try, You Sneaky Librarians

Our Librarians Sure Think They're Pretty Funny Sometimes

My Campus Library Is Hip With The Kids

Just Another Motivational Poster Found In My School's Library

Found In The Children's Section Of My Local Library


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