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These Unsettling World Records May As Well Stay Unbeaten… (17 pics)

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Farthest distance tossed around in a tornado

1,307 ft.

This record is held by Matt Suter and was set in 2006 when he was sucked into a tornado through his mobile home. Luckily for him, he was knocked unconscious. However, he woke up 1,307 ft away from where he last remembered being!

Longest distance dragged by horse…while on fire

1,640 ft

Josef Todtling is the holder of this bizarre record. Luckily for him, this was done on purpose, as his own idea, and with every safety precaution imaginable.

Deepest sword swallow

23 inches

Natasha Veruschka set this record back in 2009. Natasha…sounds Russian. She’s probably pretty cute.

Farthest distance squirting milk from eye

9 ft 2 in

Ilker Yilmaz won the title of this record after snorting milk through his NOSE before shooting it out of his eye.

Largest kidney stone

Vilas Ghuge set this record back in 2004 with an INSANE stone that was 5 inches wide.

Longest time spend on a gurney waiting for a hospital bed

Tony Collins had to spend an unbelievable 77 hours in a gurney waiting for a hospital bed back in 2001. Well, 77 hours and 30 minutes.

Most rotations when hanging from a power drill

148 (in a minute)

Huy Giang felt that, for whatever reason, it was of the utmost importance that this record be set. And in 2008, he did it.

Most clothespins placed on a human face

51 (in one minute)

Silvio Sabba managed to set this odd world record in 2012.

Most bones broken in a lifetime


Evel Knievel holds this record because, of course he would.

Most feet sniffed


Madeline Albrecht, who worked as a researcher in Ohio for 15 years had to do this as part of her job.

Most failed driving tests


Cha Sa-Soon, an elderly lady in South Korea had finally passed her exam after her 960th attempt.

Most times struck my lightning


Park ranger, Roy C. Sullivan, received the nickname “The Human Lightning Conductor” because of this.

Highest blood alcohol concentration


This belongs to an unnamed Polish man who was taken to the hospital after an accident.

Hardest kick in the balls

22 mph, 1,100 lb of force

This record was set by MMA fighter Justice Smith. Combat expert Roy Kirby was the poor recipient of the record-setting kick.

Longest ear hair

10 inches

These luxurious strands come from the ears of Indian grocer Radhakant Baijpai.

Longest continuous hiccup attack

68 years

Unbelievable eh?! Poor Charles Osborne had a case of constant hiccups from 1922 (which apparently started when he was lifting a hog) that did not stop until 1990.

Longest distance thrown after being hit by car

118 ft

Matt McKnight, a paramedic was struck by a car while at an accident scene in Pennsylvania. Luckily, he made a full recovery.

Credits: list25.com

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