How Could We Miss These Movie Details?! (42 pics)

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In Back To The Future The Name Of The Mall Changes When Marty Goes Into The Past And Runs Over One Of The Two Trees

Pulp Fiction

In The Movie Fargo (1996) Steve Buscemi's Character, Carl, Delivers This Line When There Are Exactly 30 Minutes Of The Movie Remaining

In Spider-Man 2, Peter Parker Says He Needs A "Strong Focus" Before Jumping Off A Building. He Lands On A Ford Focus Which Goes Undamaged

For Interstellar, Christopher Nolan Planted 500 Acres Of Corn Just For The Film Because He Did Not Want To Cgi The Farm In. After Filming, He Turned It Around And Sold The Corn And Made Back Profit For The Budget

The Cover Of The Princess Bride 20th Anniversary Edition Dvd Can Be Read Upside Down As Well As Right Side Up

Harry Potter Intros Become Darker Every Year, Just Like The Movies

In Shaun Of The Dead, The Films Key Events Are Laid Out By Ed Before The Zombies Rise

They Couldn't Hide The Camera In The Doorknob's Reflection Of This Scene Of The Matrix, So They Put A Coat Over It And A Half Tie To Match With Morpheus'

In An Early Scene Of The Truman Show, There Is A Brief Moment Where A Bottle Of Vitamin D Is Visible In Truman's Home. People Who Don't Get Regular Sun Exposure Must Take Vitamin D Supplements To Stay Healthy

Connecting Pulp Fiction And Kill Bill In One Conversation

In Harry Potter, Background Students Can Be Seen Eating Parodies Of Real World Cereal Brands, Such As "Cheeri-Owls"

One Of The Kakamora In Moana Is Painted Like Baymax From Big Hero 6

In Star Trek (2009), A Dyson Hand Dryer Is Used As Space Age Enterprise Technology

When Kevin Goes Through Buzz’s Things, He Finds A Picture Of His Girlfriend. He Says “Woof,” Implying That She’s A Dog. Director, Chris Columbus, Thought It Would Be Too Mean To Ask A Real Young Girl To Be In The Photograph So He Asked The Film’s Art Director To Have His Son Dress Up As A Girl

In Django Unchained, A Man Asks Django What Is His Name Is And How It Is Spelled. "The D Is Silent", The Man Responds "I Know". This Man Is Franco Nero, The Original Django From The Original 1966 Film

In Batman Returns, The Shadow From Selena Kyle's Glasses Foreshadows Her Transformation Into Catwoman

In "Cars" The Canyons Are All Old Cars And Hood Ornaments

After Shooting The Pool Scene In The Movie Poltergeist, Actress Jobeth Williams Later Found Out That The Skeletons She Was Swimming Around With In The Mud Were Real. It Was Cheaper To Buy Them From A Medical Supply Company Then Making Them Out Of Rubber At The Time

In The Lego Movie... Whenever A Character Had A Shiny Surface On Them, You Can See A Thumbprint Clearly On The Surface

In "Up" (2009) The Town Buildings Develop Over The Years

In The Movie ”Unthinkable” You See A Guy Try To Defuse A Nuclear Bomb With Excel

In Batman (1989) The News Anchors Stop Wearing Makeup After The Joker Poisons Beauty Hygeine Products In Gotham

This Is The Warning Screen On The Home DVD Version Of Fight Club

In The Film "American Beauty", This Scene Represents Lester's Feeling Toward His Dead-End Job. The Feeling Of Imprisonment

John Wick/John Wick 2: Despite Being Filmed/Released 3 Years Apart, The Films Are Set 4 Days Apart. All The Cars Outside The Continental Hotel Are The Same Between Films

Twitter User @shawnrobare Pointed Out Dennis Nedry From Jurassic Park Wearing Similar Outfits To Characters In The Goonies. Kathleen Kennedy Was The Producer On Both

In The Remake Of Stephen King's "It," Pennywise The Clown Can Be Seen Hiding On One Of The Town's Murals

In Team America: World Police, The Paris 'Set' Has A Floor Made Of Croissants

For Red's Age 20 Mugshot In The Shawshank Redemption, They Photographed Morgan Freeman's Son, Alfonso

In The Vehicle Hangar In Kingsmen, (A Film About British Spies) One Of The Vehicles Is The Beatles' Yellow Submarine

Inside Out. "Kids" Movies Have The Best Details In My Opinion

At The End Of Titanic, The Clock Says 2:20. Titanic Sank At 2:20 Am

In 2017's Beauty & The Beast, After Becoming Human Cogsworth's Mustache Is Uneven Just Like The Hands Of A Clock

In The End Credits Of Scream, Wes Craven Left The Message "No Thanks Whatsoever To The Santa Rosa City School District Governing Board". This Is In Reference To The Governing Board Revoking A Verbal Agreement For The Movie To Be Filmed In Santa Rosa High School Shortly Before Filming Began

In Pulp Fiction Vincent Vega Is Constantly On The Toilet. One Of The Side Effects Of Heroin Abuse Is Constipation

In Silence Of The Lambs, Hannibal Lecter Tells Clarice That He Ate A Man's Liver With Fava Beans And "A Nice Chianti." All Of These Foods Interfere With Maoi Antidepressants, Which Are Used To Treat Various Personality Disorders As Well. In Other Words, Hannibal Wasn't Taking His Meds

In The Matrix, Water On Windows Looks Like Code

When Harry's Scar Started Hurting In The Beginning Of Sorcerer's Stone, Snape Noticed This; And Looked To The Left, Right At Professor Quirrel. Right After The Ceremony, You See Snape Confronting Him

In The After Credits Scene Of Finding Dory, Jacques' (Cleaner Shrimp's) Bag Is The Cleanest

In Toy Story 2, Among Stars You Can Spot Hidden, Classic Pixar Lamp. This Is The Very First Shot Of The Movie

In Aladdin: During "A Whole New World", While Flying Through Greece, Aladdin Throws An Apple At Jasmine. In Ancient Greece, Throwing An Apple At Someone Was A Way To Propose To Someone





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