Infomercials Sell Everything – From Lame To Super Lame (25 pics)

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Tiddy Bear

Available in pink or gold color, the Tiddy Bear is supposed to eliminate all your seat belt problems and make driving more comfortable. Yes, the name of the product is just as weird as the product itself.

Potty Putter

Haven´t made it to the golf course for weeks? No problem. With the Potty Putter, you can practice your putt anytime you sit on the John. Because there is no place like the toilet to become a golf pro.

Shake Weight

This suspiciously looking vibrating thing is supposed to shape and tone your upper body. By holding it for only 6 minutes a day, you too can look like a professional bodybuilder in no time.

Slap Chop

Stop having a boring tuna salad. Stop having a boring life. Chop your vegetables, fruits, eggs, nuts and other healthy foods with the Slap Chop and “make America skinny again”.

Comfort Wipe

The Comfort Wipe is the solution to personal hygiene when “reaching is a challenge”. According to the infomercial, this product allows you to maintain your dignity while maintaining your personal hygiene. Who could resist this amazing thing?

Wearable Towel

Who has the time for a silly old towel? Such a hassle to wrap around yourself after a shower. The Wearable Towel keeps you covered while allowing you to use your hands.

Booty Pop

The Booty Pop will take your booty to a whole new level. The push-up panties will get you noticed with every outfit. No matter how flat your butt is.

Electric Facial Mask

Nope, this thing is not a horror movie prop, nor is it a hockey goalies mask. It’s an electric facial mask that supposedly tones your facial muscles to help hide signs of aging.

Slumber Sleeve

Do you need to sleep at a moment’s notice no matter where you are? Then it’s time to get the Slumber Sleeve. It’s a thick, padded band that you put on your arm and use as a portable pillow, with the sales hook that it won’t interfere with the circulation in your limbs.

Bear Scratch

The Bear Scratch is a 35″ wall mounted wooden back scratcher that allows people to scratch their backs by rubbing against it like a bear. Seriously, who could live without this revolutionary device?

Hawaii Chair

With the Hawaii Chair, you can “take the work out of your workout”. The device simulates the hula motion at multiple speeds to tone muscles. It claims to be ideal when handling all work-related tasks, from answering phone calls to filing papers. Some common tasks such as pouring a glass of water might be a stretch though.


One of the most bizarre kitchen tools sold on infomercials, the Eggstractor should be an easy way to peel hard boiled eggs instantly. Well, doing that manually might take a few seconds longer but do you really need to pay for and store this weird machine?

T-Rex Trophy Wall Sculpture

Not only is this unrealistic dinosaur creepy as it gets, but it also costs around $120.00. We’ll let that sink in for a bit.

Hair Drying Gloves

These Hair Drying Gloves look just like ordinary gloves but their makers claim they dry wet hair twice as fast as the traditional bathroom towel. Looks like hair drying has never been easier.

Farting Bank

As silly as the name suggests, the butt-shaped coin bank makes fart noises when coins are dropped in the slot.

GLH System

The GLH (Great-Looking Hair) System is an easy spray-on colored hair thickener and the ultimate solution for every balding man (and woman). This wacky product was popular in the 1990s, it was water-proof and available in 9 colors.


Not a blanket, nor a coat but this strange wearable thing was still very popular due to the hilarious infomercials that promoted it.

Bark Off

The Bark Off is an ultrasonic device designed to stop your dog’s annoying barking. It naturally and painlessly interrupts the barking pattern to instantly capture the dog’s attention. A very useful thing for robbery enthusiasts, by the way.


Designed to support C cup and larger breasts, the Kush is a small pillow that women can insert between their breasts to keep them separate at night. We don’t know what it’s good for but who could resist buying it for “just” $34.39?

Uro Club

Controlling your bladder on the golf course has never been easier. With the Uro Club, you can discreetly pee into the handle. This smart tool comes with a little towel so that you can pretend you are just checking your club.

Ginsu Knife

The Ginsu Knife infomercial was popular in the early 1980s when the Americans became fascinated with the idea that a single knife could slice through food as strong as a wooden two-by-four. In the video, the knife even cuts through a metal can, which must have impressed every cooking enthusiast.

Free Flexor

This “revolutionary” work out tool is essentially two balls attached to a bar that wobbles about. Simply jiggle it and wiggle it and watch the patented floppy ball motion go to work, delivering the most stimulating and embarrassing workout you’ve ever had.

Sauna Pants

The Sauna Pants promise to give you all the benefits of being in the sauna but honestly, do you really think you can make your entire body better by wearing pants that make you feel really hot? And don’t forget it runs on a plug so you need to be close to a socket.

Back Up

It’s always good to have a back-up. Well, unless the back-up is a bed-mounted rack to hold your shotgun. Yes, this infomercial product allows you to kill the robbers easily from the comfort of your own bed.

Fat Magnet

This kitchen helper is supposed to remove excess fat from greasy food, which sounds good but the effectiveness of this product is a huge disappointment according the customers’ reviews.





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