Transformations From “Ugly Duckling” Are Always Impressive (40 pics)

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Lost 50kg (110lbs) In 18 Months After A Rugby Injury, Started Rowing For My University, Got My Msc In Mathematics

I Don't Even Look Like The Same Person Anymore. 17 To 22

19 To 21

In 25 Months. Found A True Before Pic, Face Gains, Mission Goal Weight In 2018

4 Years Between The Photos. Used To Really Dislike How I Looked But Slowly And Bit By Bit I Started To Treat Myself A Lil Nicer, Didn't Realize The Difference Till I Saw It Like This

11-21. My Dad Used To Call Me Ugly Betty, And I Took It As A Compliment

13 And 30. They Used To Make Fun Of Me For Coding. Now I Get Paid For It

Grew Into My Chin... And My Ears... And Pretty Much My Whole Face (12yo Me Vs. 22yo Me)

What 10 Years Of Makeup, Self Esteem, And Effort Can Do To 2 Ugly Twins

12 To 20. I Promise I Was Always A Girl

Today At 25, I've Lost 120 Lbs And Put On Some Muscle!

Age 15 To 21

I Think 16 To 21

They Used To Call Me "Pretty" As A Joke

17-23. No One Calls Me Bieber Anymore

Early 20's To Yesterday At 30

From Sundaes To Runways. I Grew Up Quite A Bit From 17 To 21

Lost The Weight But Damn I Miss That Hair

4th Grade Me & 22 Year Old Me. The Photographer Even Made Me Push My Glasses Up Because I Liked To Wear Them On The Tip Of My Nose

14 To 23. It’s Been An Awkward Decade For Me

From 18 To 23. Who Knew A Jawline Would Be Hidden Under All Of That

When You're So Homely You're Kind Of Cute. From 9 To 24

14 To My 19th Birthday. Grew Up A Little Bit

17 To 22. My Hair Doesn't Look Like A Bad Wig Anymore

16 To 20. What A Difference 4 Years Make

16 To 23. I Was A T-Shirt, Baggy Jeans, And Scowl Face Kind Of Girl. My Mom Saved A Lot Beautiful Clothing For Me

My Friends Transition From 12 Pudge To 22 Year Old Stud (8th Grade - Postcollege)

17 To 19 In 6 Seconds

Twenty Years Later. Still Need The Big Glasses


14 To 26. I Was So Proud Of That 'Moustache'

12 To 21. Weight Loss And A Set Of Braces Later, I Am Still An Insecure Person, But I Feel Much More Comfortable In My Body

I Guess A Lot Happens In 3 And A Half Years

15 To 21. I Was That One Kid In High School Who Still Had A Roller Backpack

15, Awkward And Rejected By All My Crushes To 22, Dating The Love Of My Life For 2,5 Years (And Much Happier)

From Headgear Girl With 4 Bangs To Teacher Miss Morgan. To All Former And Current Ducklings: Keep Smiling!

14 To 24

3rd Grade - Now

15 To 21 My Former Bullies Have Asked Me Out Not Even Realizing We Went To The Same School For Four Years!

14-24 My Best Friend (Left) And I (Right). Thanks Puberty


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