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Wow, These Are Impressive! (50 pics)

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This expressway leads straight into the sky.

The tallest man and the shortest woman in the world

Compact roots

This is what’s missing from our porcelain collection.

A sectional view of a hedge

A tree inside a tree

Here’s how an image looks on a smartphone screen. The photo is enlarged approximately 300 times.

Triple banana

This snail is eating a cucumber.

“Poured the remains of soap from several bottles into one and accidentally created a mini universe.”

Nature seems to be aware of what a gradient is.

It’s always interesting to find out what the ball from a spray paint looks like.

An ancient light bulb with an unusual filament

Inside the Leaning Tower of Pisa

This road in Scotland looks like a road on the clouds.

A client came to my father’s clinic with his poodles.

Crazy morning sky in Australia

“My acquaintance was brought food on the shoulder of a cow in the restaurant.”

The sun turned a cloud into a nuclear mushroom.

This photo from Toronto looks like a frame from the movie Blade Runner 2049.

“It seems the onion is trying to say something important to me.”

This backlit bridge in the fog looks impressive.

Fireworks in a sectional view

No magic here! The sun decided to continue the picture.
Sometimes there are snowy peaks, and sometimes they become sunny.
This is how cloudy castles look.
The Levitating Horseman
It’s all about the ideal angle.
It’s all about the ideal angle.
We had to look twice to understand what’s going on.
When it’s a little too windy on the shore:
That’s probably the best location for a cat.
This ideal reflection can puzzle anyone.
You never know what’s hiding in the depths.
The spirit of fire
This photographer has been trying to take a photo of smoke for 3 months to get this perfect shot.
If you turn it around, nothing will change.
Big city lights
Excuse me, but where is the horizon?
Even a storm warning can be wonderful.
This is the best forest for filming fantasy movies.
Snow is the best painter.
No, this is not the end of the world. Just fireworks and a dog.
Blanket, is that you?
No Photoshop, only patience and a long exposure.
A frozen cabbage army

An eyeball after a cornea transplant

The inside of this guitar looks like a really expensive apartment.

This is how a cyclist’s legs look after the Tour de France.

This is what the bottom of a battleship looks like.

Credits: brightside.me

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