When Valentine’s Day Gift Cards Are Borderline Genius (40 pics)

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I'm New To Having An So On Valentine's Day... Am I Doing This Right?

Unbreakable Love

My Girlfriend Is A Microbiologist. She Just Sent Me This Valentine

Girlfriend Called Dominos To Send Me A Surprise Heart-Shape Valentine's Day Pizza While I'm On A Business Trip

Prepared A Teddy Bear Gift Yesterday For My GF, And Now It Looks Like This

Found A Pretty Sweet Valentine's Day Card For The Husband

My Girlfriend Gave Me This Chocolaty Fun-Sized Valentine. Candy Sex Puns Best Puns

Dad Bought My Mum Asparagus For Valentines Day Thinkin' They Were Daffodils. Nope, I Am Done

My Husband's Going To Love His Valentines Day Surprise

My Valentine's Card Search For This Year Is Over

Valentines Day Card From A Student

When Your Girlfriend Gets You A Valentine's Day Gift

Valentine Gift From My Dad

Sister Made This For Her Boyfriend. It's A "Bro"Quet

Shattering Dreams... One V-Day Coupon At A Time

I Bought My Wife A Dozen Roses For Valentine's Day, She Was Not Impressed

Any Plan For V-Day Yet?

My Friend Makes Greetings Cards. I Asked Her To Make Me A Valentine For My GF To Let Her Know Exactly How I Feel. She Sent Me This

My Roommate Made Breaking Bad Valentine's Cards

Boyfriend And I Got The Same Valentines Day Car For Each Other. The Inside Couldn't Be More Different Though

I Hope My Wife Likes Her Valentine's Day Card

My Friend Made This For Her Husband

A Valentine's Package I Mailed To A Customer

Best Valentine Ever

The Card My Biochemistry Majoring Boyfriend Gave Me For Valentine's Day

Finally Picked Out My Valentines Day Card

Get Your Wife An 18 Carrot Necklace For V Day Next Year

Girlfriend Made Me A Vday Card

I Made This For My Wife. After Nearly 20 Years Valentines Are Hard

Was Looking For A Valentine's Day Card. Found The Perfect Card That Expressed My True Emotions

The Clever Valentine's Day Gift I Received From My Wife

Valentine I Made My SO

My Wife's Valentine's Gift Just Arrived

My Fiancee Got Me An Early V Day Gift Representing Our "Strong And Dependable Relationship"

My 5 Year Old Received This Valentine Today At School

My Husband Gave Me An Early Valentine Gift

This Is What I Got For Valentines

She's A Keeper

Made My Husband A Geeky Valentines Card (Top) And This Was His Response. He's A Keeper

My Girlfriend Just Gave This To Me

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