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These Designs Are Simply The Worst… (40 pics)

Posted in Funny » Fail   15 Feb 2018   / 4529 views

Not A Good Carpet Choice For Stairs If You Ask Me

Hospital I'm At Is Putting Cookies On The Patient Trays For Halloween. I Don't Think They Thought This Through

My Niece Got A Candle Making Kit. Here Is Her First “Candle”

Why? Just Why?

My Local Airport Added A New Display To Mimic The Inside Of A Plane. They Chose An Underwater Scene As The Background. How Reassuring...

This Microwave Looks Like It’s Demanding A Sacrifice

This Terribly Worded Sign I Saw Today. Sorry, I’ll Pick Up My Dog’s Poop... Wouldn’t Want To Ruin Your Child Eating Experience.

Let's Cut A Huge Hole In The Bread Before We Give It To The Poor, That'll Show People That We Care

This Survey Is Giving Me Mixed Signals

Well, Now That The Floors Are Clean...

New Statue At A Catholic School

An Unfortunate Logo For A Fitness Center

I've Never Met Lauren But I Already Know I Don't Like Her

But That’s My Dad’s Middle Name...?!

Should Probably Change The Font...

Bowling Alley Located In Bangkok. Cracks Me Up When The Balls Rolls Out

Wall Painting, That Included Shutterstock Watermark. Took This Photo In Some Cafe In Vietnam

Installed The Ventilation Shaft, Boss

This Machine At My School Sound Painful

This Restaurant In London (Waiters Love It)

How Does This Shit Even Make It Out Of The Factory

The Biggest Word On Steve Jobs Iphone Case Is Android...

Conference Room Symbol...

Dress That Makes Your Body Thinner

Views Unobstructed

Mother-Daughter Bonding At Its Finest

To The Untrained Eye, They All Seem Black And White.. (Newspaper Ad For New Paint Colors)

Went To A Baby Shower This Weekend That Played A Game Where They Had Baby's In Ice Cubes For Everyone's Drinks, Including Red Sangria. I Don't Think They Thought It Out Carefully

The Decorations On This Hotel Restaurant


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