Fortune Cookie Messages Can Be Very Surprising (40 pics)

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He Sat And Watched Me Eat Chinese Take-Out For Half An Hour. Then This Happened

Definitely The Scariest Fortune Cookie I've Ever Gotten

Didn't Expect My Fortune Cookie To Be So Insightful

Best Fortune I Have Ever Got In A Fortune Cookie

My Wife And I Received Matching Fortunes At Dinner This Evening

My Coworker Just Came Back From Sick Leave; He Had A Heart Attack. To Celebrate We Went For Chinese. These Were In His Fortune Cookie

Take That Big Step

My Wife's And My Fortune Cookies. Hers Is On Top

Don't Expect Much From A Cookie

Just When I Thought I Got A Good Fortune Cookie

Well Screw You Too Fortune Cookie

My Wife And I Also Got Some Fortune Cookies

This Was In My Fortune Cookie Last Night... Should I Call Somebody Or?..

When A Fortune Cookie Finally Speaks Up

I Think This Wins The 'Worst Fortune Cookie Of All Time' Award

Two Fortunes In One Cookie - Aaaaand I'm Offended

I Think My Fortune Cookie Just Threatened Me

My 3 Year Old Nephew Asked Me To Read Him His Fortune

The Best Fortune Cookie Fortune Ever

My Friend's Misprinted Fortune Is Kinda Dark

My 9 Year Old Daughter Got This Fortune, I'm Happy For Her

Pretty Sure My Fortune Cookie Is Telling Me To Masturbate...

Avoid Gambling, But Hey, These Numbers Are Lucky!

My Fortune Cookie Has Either Seen Or Done Some Sh*t

My Friend Got Rick Rolled By A Fortune Cookie

I Spent 30 Minutes Trying To Get My Fortune Without Breaking The Bag Or Cookie

My Fortune Cookie Fortune Is Strangely Distraught

Which One Of You Bastards Works In The Fortune Cookie Business?

The Amazingly Accurate Fortune Cookie

My Fortune Cookie Sounds Like Satan Trying To Give A Motivational Speech



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