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Only Photos Could Prove These Things (30 pics)

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“My pencil has seeds on the tip. When it’s too small to use, you can plant it and a tree will grow out of it.”
The bridge cuts the ice like French fries.
What real heat looks like:
“This pizza came in a circular box. CIRCULAR!”
This flower is perfectly symmetrical:
Another “cat” on the cat.
This is the train that clears the snow off of the tracks:
“2 separate tables at my work with different food items and a different number of guests had tabs that were the exact same total on the same night.”
If you pierce a hole in the ice of a lake in Alaska, the methane bubbles burst out and ignite from the slightest spark.
A 400-year-old Bonsai tree that survived the bombing of Hiroshima
The English stand in an ideal line even in the absence of dividing bands.
“A giant lion sculpture carved from a single dead redwood tree. It took 20 people over 3 years to complete.”
The skull of an owl
“A mountain on fire in Tuscon, Arizona, 2015.”
“Got a large ice crystal in Switzerland.”
Niagara Falls from a bird’s eye view
“This is the first complete nervous system ever dissected — 1887. Her name is Harriett and she was a maid employed at Drexel University College of Medicine, now the Medical College of Pennsylvania. She wished to dedicate her body to science.”
Insects eat up a leaf so that only the skeleton remains.
A 900-year-old church in Norway
This is what $20 million looks like under a mattress:
A cancer cell under the microscope
Not many birds have such long eyelashes. This, by the way, is a secretary bird.
A dog surrenders with its owner during a police raid in Brazil
The mix of a husky and a pug
“Heart-shaped bubble wrap.”
“Mini-orange found in a normal orange.”
Summer in Arizona
“Found this little ice tree on my windshield this morning.”
“I’ve been learning to play the violin since I was 3 and these are all my retired violins.”
Bonus: this is a movie called Roundhay Garden Scene and it’s the first movie in the history of cinematography. It was filmed on October 14, 1888. It’s 1.66 seconds long. Enjoy!

Credits: brightside.me

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