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How Being Genius Really Looks Like (55 pics)

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When your wife wants to shop but you want to fish:

Hawaiians invented a genius way to survive in a line:

Gadgets were made to simplify our life.

Electronic gun safe with freezer concealment. Ammo not included.

Girls will always find ways to look great.

Couldn’t find the bottom part of my blender, so I improvised.

“When my aunt found out that I broke up with my boyfriend, she changed him to Channing Tatum in all of our pictures.”
This guy brought his computer to a library in two bags. He’s probably not allowed to play games at home.
There’s a dinosaur in this soap so that the kids will wash their hands more often, in order to get a new toy.
“My mother always sticks pictures of hawks to the windows of our car to stop birds from sitting on it. And it seems like it works.”

This Mexican restaurant is a former Chinese restaurant. Instead of repainting the wall, the workers just drew sombreros on the pandas’ heads.

When your wife asks you to cook dinner and your imagination is better than your cooking skills:

A life hack to avoid paying for extra luggage weight at the airport

When Daddy goes shopping:

“I had to cut a big tree and my dog didn’t want to stay at a safe distance. I found a solution.”

“When I have to keep my child busy, I ask him to play the “Department of Motor Vehicles” game.

“I made a ring for my girlfriend.”

“I was too lazy to knit the socks.”

“My girlfriend took razor blades but forgot the handle. This is what I made for her.”

“Every time I buy a new phone, I take a picture of an old one and use it as a screensaver. My wife is mad about it but I think it’s cool.”
“My Dad decided to check how smart my boyfriend was.”

“I dressed as the blue screen of death on Halloween.”

When you have a small kitchen:

Credits: brightside.me

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