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Some Tips For Your Perfect Steaks (9 pics)

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Don’t cook a steak that’s fresh from the fridge

Let your steak come up to room temperature before cooking. If it’s too cold the outside will char and the inside will be a little bit rarer than normal.

Make sure the grill is hot enough

If the grill isn’t hot enough you won’t be able to produce the Maillard reaction (the chemical process that forms the brown crust on the exterior of a steak).

Use the right tools

Of course, you can’t cook the perfect steak without the right utensils. This Bonded Teak 3-piece Grill Set got its name from the harmonious merger of stainless steel and beautiful teak wood, creating a precise and pleasurable grilling experience. The set includes a pair of tongs, a spatula, and a basting brush — everything you need to get cracking on the grill. Snag yours HERE.

Keep flipping your steak

Some steak enthusiasts might advise you to leave your steak on one side, but flipping your steak allows you to get a dark surface without too much heat in the center.

Don’t be afraid to over season

Give your steak a generous amount of seasoning before grilling. For a steak to have proper browning, the moisture on the surface has to be absorbed.

Don’t press the meat

If you press down on your steak too much you’ll force out all of the delicious juices that give your meat that rich, drool-worthy flavor.

Steak is done when the thermometer says

Everyone hates overcooked meat. Normally a steak is cooked medium rare (130 – 135 degrees Fahrenheit).

Let the steak rest at least 10 minutes

Letting your steak rest before cutting into it allows the juices migrate from the center back into the rest of the steak. Yummy.

Always cut against the grain

If you cut with the grain, you’ll get a tougher piece of meat. But by cutting against the grain, you make the muscle fibers shorter which allows the meat to be more tender.

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