This Will Bring Happiness Back Into Your Life (60 pics)

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This Is Anthony Borges, 15. He Used His Body To Hold A Classroom Door Shut During The Florida Shooting, Protecting 20 Other Students Inside As The Gunman Fired Through The Door, Hitting Him Five Times. May He Have A Speedy Recovery

Every Day This Man Drives Hours In Drought To Provide Water To Thirsty Wild Animals In Kenya

Firefighters In Arizona Putting Out A Mexican Fire

Brian The Retired Dublin Gentleman Spent His Evening Making 50 Tubs Of Curry For The Homeless, Every Single Night. Living On A Pension And Paying For This Himself

When You Reach 100 Years Old In Barbados, You Get A Stamp In Your Honour. Lovely

A Stranger Helping Out Another Stranger Struggling With His Tie

A Middle School Started A “Breakfast With Dads” Program But Many Dads Couldn’t Make It And Several Students Didn't Have Father Figures. The School Posted A Facebook Request For 50 Volunteer Fathers... 600 Fathers From All Backgrounds Showed Up

Every Morning My Father Places Bird Food In The Yard For My Mother To Wake Up On This View

The Bride's Father Died Ten Years Ago And His Heart Was Donated. The Man Who Received The Transplant Walked Her Down The Aisle

Garbagemen Taking A Break

"Life Gave Me The Gift Of You" - Marine's 4 Year Old Son Cries Tears Of Joy After Hearing New Step-Mom's Vows For Him

This Old Lady Goes To The Supermarket To Read Books All The Time So The Manager Put A Little Bench For Her

Was Reading At A Coffee Shop And Saw This Guy Looking Up Vet Services For An Injured Sparrow He Had Just Found

I Saw This Beautiful Man Holding A Phone With Both Hands Looking At The Screen, Smiling. I Was Drawn By His Joy & Asked For A Photo. He Agreed, Telling Me He Was Talking To His Wife Back Home. I Asked If It Was A Video Call. He Said “No, But I See Her Name On The Screen

Drug Addict Returns Stolen Money 5 Years Later

This Janitor At My Friend's School Is A Huge Red Hot Chili Peppers Fan. Since The Prices Were Extremely High And He Was Devastated About Not Going, All Of The Students Came Together And Bought Him The Tickets

People Holding Onto Man Trying To Commit Suicide

Ballerina Aesha Ash Is Wandering Around Inner City Rochester In A Tutu To Change Stereotypes About Women Of Color And Inspire Young Kids

Sweet Parrot

Babysitter Is Wholesome

Thought They Were Going To Make A Noise Complaint

An Elderly Man In My Neighborhood Had A Heart Attack While Shoveling His Driveway. Paramedics Took Him To The Hospital, Then Returned To Finish Shoveling His Driveway For Him

Probably The Best Birthday Present You Could Ge

Retired Firefighter Invited To The Graduation Of A Girl He Rescued 17 Years Ago From Her Crib During A House Fire

Thought Homie Was Tryna Hide Some Loud Or Somethin In His Hands But...

A Mariachi Musician Let My Hard Of Hearing Son Put His Head On The Guitarron So He Could Hear It. He Was Amazed!

My BF Grew Up Incredibly Poor. When He Was A Child, He Wanted A Charizard Lunchbox – He Felt If He Had It At School, He’d Feel Normal, Like Everyone Else. I Found The Lunchbox On Ebay, 18 Years Later

Partizan Belgrade Goalkeeper Comforts His Teammate After He Is Barraged By Racist Chants For 90 Minutes

Syrian Refugee Hands Out Food To Homeless In Germany To "Give Something Back"

This Man Looks So Happy To Have A New Kitten

Man Allows Special Needs Person He Doesn't Know To Hold His Hand On A Crowded Bus In Hamilton, Canada

Seen At A Restaurant's Front Window. Faith In Humanity Restored

Why I Am Proud To Be Canadian

What A Great Dad

Dad's Friend Mike

I Thought I Was Calling My Mom But I Had The Wrong Number And...

The Pigeons Were Crowding This Horse's Bucket So He Dumped Out Some Feed For Them

License Plate Does Not Check Out

Made Cookies And Brought Them To The Local Nursing Home. This Is Mrs. Posey. She Is 112 And The Nurse Said She Hasn't Had A Visitor In Over 3 Years

This Is Caleb. Caleb Has A Degree In Zoology And Asks His Customers What Their Favorite Animal Is. He Gives Them Facts While Completing Their Orders!

65 People From 40 Different Communities Showed Up To This Man's Call

Every Night This Coffee Shop Leaves The Leftover Burritos On Their Windowsill For The Homeless

5-Year-Old Shon Dresses Up To Help Street Cats Because "It Makes Him Feel Like A Superhero For Animals"

Man Outside Texan Mosque

This 98 Year Old Man Never Got To Get His High School Diploma Because He Was Drafted In World War II His Senior Year And He Finally Got It

My Cousin Has Leukemia And Went Out To The Local Arcade To Get Her Mind Off Of Things. A Random Teen Won Her All Of These Stuffed Animals

Sorry, I Got Something Stuck In My Throat

This Guy Did The Best He Could To Help

In 1998, Officer Peter Getz Saved Josibelk Aponte Life In A Devastating Fire. In 2016, He Watched Her Graduate From College

Every Year, This Kind Old Man In My Home Town Offers Clothing, Shoes And Anything Useful To Anyone In Need

Someone Put Tape On This Raised Bit Of Sidewalk

My Son Got To Participate In A Local Program For Children With Special Needs Called Pile Of Puppies Where They Literally Bring A Pile Of Puppies To Play With. He Got To Play With 5 Collies Only 6 Weeks Old, It's Been The Happiest We've Seen Him In A Long Time!

A Note Hanging From This Taxi Driver's Steering Wheel

Dad Runs In A Local Triathlon Every Year With His 13 Year Old Daughter. She Has Cerebral Palsy - He Pulls Her In A Kayak During Swim, In Cart During The Bike And Pushes Her Wheelchair For The Run

This Woman Fixed A Seat On A Bus She Was Riding

This Makes My Heart So So Happy

92 Year Old Man Making A Card For His 93 Year Old Wife

When Dad Takes The Boys To The Waterpark (We Are 24)

What Brothers Are For

Waiter Helping To Feed Disabled Lady So Her Husband Can Finish His Meal. Good Job Good Man





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