Truths Are Not That Easy To Swallow… (25 pics)

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You are the villain in somebody else’s story. No matter how good of a person you think you are there is always somebody out there who remembers you as a jerk.

You’re not special. Even if you were 1 in a million there would be 7,000 other people in the world exactly like you.

Some of your best childhood memories are almost without a doubt false memories (your brain is basically making things up).

People don’t get what they deserve because life is unfair. And besides, even if it was fair...most of us wouldn’t deserve much of anything good anyway.

You are just as insignificant to the rest of the world as the strangers you pass on the street are to you.

One day you will be completely forgotten by everybody on Earth.

Scientists are fairly confident that T-Rex didn’t roar (it's disappointing, we know).

Tiny bugs are eating the skin off of your face while you sleep

Looks matter in daily life. Studies show that attractive people have more opportunities and are treated better.

Most of the nicest things ever said about a person are said at their funeral (this especially counts for people who were not very likeable).

Things are your fault. Maybe not everything, but definitely some things. Accepting this may be uncomfortable but it is also the first step to realizing you can control at least some of your life and make it better.

“I really like you as a friend”

Most things in life can’t be fixed with simple solutions. Quite often both sides are wrong...and both sides are right.

Sugar is a drug

Some people really do have a disadvantage because of where they start. If you grow up in the hood with no money and you have to skip school to work because your dad left your doesn’t really matter how hard you try, you’ll always be behind. It’s a lot easier growing up in the suburbs where it’s safe, the schools are good, and your parents can put food on the table.

People typically want to see you do well, just not better than them.

Your poop flies around the bathroom whenever you flush with the toilet seat up.

Everyone picks their nose, even that super attractive guy/girl.

At some point in their lives, your parents wished they never had you.

In the 21st century more people will die of overeating than undereating.

Smokers actually cost the healthcare system less money in the long run. Why? They die younger.

The person most likely to kill you

You are about 4 times more likely to drown in your bathtub than be killed by a terrorist.

Due to the prevalence of online dating these days, there are a lot of people out there who first saw their spouse while pooping.

Our gadgets, clothes, and food are for the most part products of human slavery, poverty wages, and cruel working conditions.





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