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Handy Facts About Left-Handed People (18 pics)

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Approximately 10% of the entire world is left-handed.

Several famous people that are/were left-handed include: Napoleon, Da Vinci, Einstein, Newton, Obama, Jimi Hendrix, Oprah, and Michelangelo.

About 40% of Schizophrenics are left-handed.

About 40% of Schizophrenics are left-handed.

Studies have shown that on average, left-handed people earn 12% less than right-handed people.

Right-handed people typically chew food in the right side of their mouth, while left-handers typically do it on the left.

On average, about 2,500 people are killed every year when improperly using machinery that is designed for right-handed people.

Because studies show that their brains work differently, scientists will often omit left-handed people from certain studies.

A study found that there are more left-handed people with an IQ over 140 than there are right-handed people with an IQ over 140.

Left-handed people are able to switch between different trains of thought more quickly thanks to their higher cognitive flexibility.

Premature babies are more likely to be left-handed.

Because of the way they are designed, left-handed soldiers have to prepare and throw grenades upside down.

Because of their better manual dexterity and brushing efficiency, right-handed people tend to have better oral hygiene than left-handed people.

Left-handed people are more likely to process things faster when playing sports and video games.

Studies have found that your genes only account for 25% of whether or not you are left or right-handed.

Studies also have shown that left-handed people are more susceptible to suffering from PTSD.

Approximately 17% of twins are left-handed.

Most kangaroos are left-handed.

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