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Take A Look At All Of US Army’s Weapons (20 pics)

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M9 pistol

The M1911 is a .45 caliber sidearm which is being phased out for the 9mm M9.

M11 Pistol

M500 shotgun

The Army began issuing shotguns to soldiers during World War I and has been issuing the M500 since the 1980s.

M590 shotgun

M26 modular shotgun accessory

The M26 is “basically a secondary weapon slung underneath an M4 to allow the operator to switch between 5.56 and 12-gauge rounds quickly without taking his eyes off the target or his hands off of his rifle,” according to the US Army.

M14 enhanced battle rifle

The M14, which shoots a 7.62mm round, which is slowly being replaced by smaller, but just as deadly, caliber rifles.

M4 carbine

M16A2 rifle

M16 rifle with M203 grenade launcher

M249 squad automatic weapon

The SAW shoots a 5.56mm round like the M4 and M16, but it’s heavier and has a greater muzzle velocity and firing range.

M240B medium machine gun

M240L medium machine gun

M240H medium machine gun

M110 semi-automatic sniper system

M2010 enhanced sniper rifle

The firing range of the M2010 tops out at nearly 4,000 feet.

M107 long-range sniper rifle

The firing range of this sniper rifle comes in at more than 6,500 feet.

M2 machine gun

The M2 shoots .50 caliber rounds with an effective firing range of more than 22,000 feet. It’s also extremely heavy, weighing 84 pounds.

M320 grenade launcher (stand-alone)

This is the Army’s new 40mm grenade launcher.

MK19 grenade machine gun

M3 Carl Gustaf (MAAWS)

This 84mm recoilless rifle shoots a variety of high-explosive rounds at a variety of targets, including armored vehicles.

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