These Inventions Simply Make People’s Lives Better (45 pics)

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Wash Your Hands And Reuse The Water For Your Next Flush

Free Coffee In Exchange For Some Rubbish

These Traffic Lights In Ukraine

The Design Of This Water Fountain Let's The Water Flow Down So Dogs Can Drink Too

This Sign Is 100% Necessary

My New Desk's Parts Came Separated By Steps Instead Of By Item

Mountain Finder Device In Switzerland

Accessibility Matt On The Beach For Wheelchairs And Strollers

This Toothpaste Describes Both Its Ingredients And Their Purpose

This Elevator Has A Call Button 30 Feet Away So The Doors Will Be Open By The Time You Get To Them

This Pill Bottle Lid Tells You When You Last Opened It

The Curtain Design In My Hotel Room Ensures That There Is No Annoying Light Gap In The Middle

This Elevator Has Buttons You Can Kick

This Fence Is Shaped To Create Seating

The Roofs Of UPS Trucks Are Not Brown. They're Translucent So The Inside Of The Truck Doesn't Need To Be Lit During The Day

Seniors And Handicapped People Can Extend Crossing Time For This 8 Lane Highway

This Restaurant Has A “Toepener” For People Who Want To Avoid Germs On The Doorknob

In Copenhagen There Is A Childrens Bicycling Playgroud, Where They Can Practice Bicycling In The City, And Learn The Rules, Before They Enter The Streets

These Bikes Have Airless Tires

Shopping Cart With A Calculator

At My Work's Parking Lot The Paint Lines Continue Up The Wall To Help People Park

This Swing Is Designed So That The Kid And The Parent Can Swing Together

This USB Drive Displays How Much Of Its Storage Is Being Used

My Roommate's Spatula Has A Stand So The Bit That Touches Your Food Doesn’t Touch The Counter

These Sheets That Tell You What Side Of The Bed To Put Them On

My Bottle Of Canadian Whisky Came With Free Public Transportation

My Local Laundromat Has Gym Equipment To Use As You Are Waiting For Your Load To Finish

These Chairs In A Ski Resort Restaurant Have Room For Your Gloves, Helmet, Hat Etc.

This Airport Has A Therapy Dog For People To Pet Before They Fly

The Elevators In My Office Building Have An Umbrella Sign That Lights Up If It's Raining Outside (Osaka, Japan)

This College Has Drink Coasters That Can Test For Common Rape Drugs

My Work Laptop Has A Webcam Cover

These Batteries Have An USB Port To Charge Them

My Local Coffee Shop Gives Free Compost Made From Their Used Coffee Grounds

My Hotel Room Comes With A Complimentary Android Phone With Free Data And Calls

Some Roads In Australia Are So Long And Boring They Have Trivia Signs To Keep Drivers Alert

This Bar Has A Frost Strip To Rest Your Drink On So It Stays Cold

My City Added A Safe, Public Place To Conduct Exchanges Made On The Internet. Directly In Front Of The Police Station

The Back Of This Park Bench Can Swing Back And Forth, Allowing The User To Face Either Direction

This Bridge Has A Crisis Hotline Machine

Benches In Sweden Are Very Friend And Couple Friendly

This Checkout Has No Candy For Parents With Kids

This Tire Tells You To Change It When It's Time To Change It

This Highlighter Has A Clear Part To Show You What You're Highlighting

The Mirror In My Hotel In Japan Has A Heated Part That Won't Steam Up After A Shower


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