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Roommates Are Best At Passive Aggression (40 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny   9 Mar 2018   / 5370 views

My Roommate Put This On Our Fridge

What's Been Happening Lately

Left A Romantic Surprise For My Roommate

Dear Gary, Please Do Me

My Roommate Put This On Our Shower Door, After Being Yelled At For Not Locking It

One Of My Roommates Just Posted These In Each Of Our Bathrooms

You Seem Stressed

I Told My Roommate He Was Putting The Tp On Backwards And Then I Find This

My Friend And His Roommates Disagree

How To Be Passive-Aggressive

My Roommate Leaves Me Notes To Remind Me To Do Chores. This Makes Him Angry

Here's Hoping My Housemates Have A Sense Of Humor

My Roommate Trimmed His Beard Over The Sink. After It Clogged We Made Him Clean It. Came Home To This

A Housemate's Note


How My Buddy Reminds His Roommates To Pay Their Rent


I Live With Three Other Guys And This Is What My Girlfriend Left On Our Dryer

This Guy Turned His Roommate’s Mess Into A “Passive-Aggressive Art Gallery”

Is Roommate Shaming A Thing?


Roommate Replaced My Mario Doodle With A Word Of The Day On Our White Board

I Moved Into My Girlfriend's Apartment Today And Her Roommate Baked Me A Cake

Roommate Rarely Contributes, Decided To Keep My TP In My Room And See How Long This Stays

Just Checking

Quick Bit Of Passive Aggressive Photoshop I Threw Together Tonight For My Housemates

Since Sara Decided Not To Do The Dishes

What Happens When Your Housemate Has A Wax Seal And Trust Issues

Passive-Aggressive Beverages

Asked My Roommate To Fix The Doorknob. Came Home To This. Ain't Even Mad

My Roommate Gave Me The Rent Money Today

This Is How My Roommate Tells Me We Need More Milk

Passive Aggressive Roommates

Passive-Aggressive Roommate Preparing For Valentines Day

I Love College Dorm Life

My Roommate Says I Have No Taste In Art. Let's See What She Thinks Of This

Roommate's Pumpkins. Delicately Drawing The Line Between Passive-Aggressive Post-It Notes And Reasonable Reminders

My Roommate Is Always Leaving Passive Aggressive Notes About What She Does Around The House. Thought I'd Join In

Someone I'm My Girlfriend's House Keeps Leaving The Front Door Open. She Asked Me To Write A Passive-Aggressive Note

To My Owner

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