Some Fast Food Ideas Were Very Far From Successful… (25 pics)

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McDonald’s: Hula Burger (cancelled in 1960s) — pineapple and cheeseburger.

McDonald’s: McAfrika (cancelled in 2002) — pita bread burger sold in Norway.

McDonald’s: McStuffins (cancelled in 1993) — french bread stuffed with pepperoni or teriyaki chicken.

McDonald’s: Fish McBites (cancelled in 2013) — fish nuggets.

McDonald’s: McDLT (cancelled in 1991) — kept lettuce and tomato in separate container to maximize freshness.

McDonald’s: McSalad Shakers (cancelled in 2003) — salad in a frappuccino cup.

McDonald’s: Mighty Wings (cancelled in 2003) — wings discontinued for being too spicy and expensive.

McDonald’s: Chicken Fajitas/Breakfast Burritos (cancelled in 1990s)

McDonald’s: Arch Deluxe (cancelled in late 1990s) — burger with mustard-mayo sauce.

McDonald’s: McSpaghetti (cancelled in 1970s) — still going strong in Philippines locations.

McDonald’s: McHotdog (cancelled in 1995) — pulled from the menu due to quality concerns.

Taco Bell: Waffle Taco (cancelled in 2013) — replaced by the biscuit taco.

Taco Bell: Seafood Salad (cancelled in 1980s) — taco salad with white fish, shrimp, and snow crab.

Burger King: Burger Shots (cancelled in 2004) — BK’s burger sliders were unpopular with customers.

Burger King: Enormous Omelette Sandwich (cancelled in 2005) — discontinued due to health concerns, the sandwich packed 330 milligrams of cholesterol and 1,940 milligrams of sodium.

Burger King: Satisfries (cancelled in 2014) — low calorie fry alternative.

Burger King: Shake Em Up Fries (cancelled in mid-2000s) — fries with a cheese packet you’d sprinkle in the bag before shaking.

McDonald’s: McLean Deluxe (cancelled in 1996) — low fat burger made with seaweed extract.

Dairy Queen: Dairy Queen Breeze (cancelled in 2003) — DQ’s frozen yogurt alternative.

Wendy’s: Frescata (cancelled in 2007) — deli-style sandwich.

Wendy’s: Superbar (cancelled in 1998) — salad bar inside the restaurant.

Jack In The Box: Frings (cancelled in 1979) — onion ring/fry combo (honestly, this is the best idea on this list).

Sonic: Pickle O’s (cancelled in 2003) — some claim the deep-fried pickles are still available upon request.

Domino’s: Oreo Dessert Pizza (cancelled in 2008) — customers complained the Oreo pie was too sweet.

Pizza Hut: Priazzo (cancelled in the late 1980s) — deep dish-style pie discontinued for taking too long to prepare.

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