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Online Shopping Is Often A Regrettable Experience (45 pics)

Posted in Funny » Fail   13 Mar 2018   / 4385 views

Wait What Is It Made Of?

I Got This Tank Top On Amazon And They Sent Me A Dress. On The Plus Side It Does Make My Ass Look Great

Beauty Products These Days

Bought My Girlfriend A Pillow Of Myself For When She Went To University. Didn’t Work Out As I’d Hoped

My Sister Ordered A Dress Online

Dinosaur Pillowcase

I Knew I Was Taking A Gamble Ordering From Wish.... But Still, I Couldnt Stop Laughing When My Blanket Finally Arrived!

I Saw $10 And Just Bought It

My Friend Ordered 50 Shades Of Grey On Ebay, This Is What She Received

This Is What Happens When You Buy A $20 Punching Bag From China

Online Shopping: Keeping Things Interesting. Amazon May Want To Recheck Those Product Dimensions

My Friend Ordered A Dustpan On Amazon...trying To Figure Out Where We Find A Broom To Match

Bought New Shoes Online... Nice!

Is China Just Trolling Everyone?

My Boss Ordered Chairs For The Break Room Last Year. He Did Not Get What He Expected

I’m Never Ordering Online Again...

You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do When You Don't Have Tissue To Stuff Shoes

Check Out This Three Foot Pool My Friend Got On Special From Online This Summer. I Can't Wait To Jump In

Kai Ordered This “Pillow Husky” On Ebay. It Came Today... Not Quite The Same As Advertised

They Weren't Wrong...

I Can't Explain How Real Tears Are Pouring Outta My Face Right Now! Wtf?

My Mother Bought A Swing Set From Amazon... She Said This One Cost $17 The Other One Was $22

Ordered Two Shirts From Old Navy, Received 40 Pounds Of Security Tags And A Coupon

A Friend Ordered Two Snapbacks With A Custom Image. This Happened

These Chest Of Drawers Will Forever Haunt Me. When You Order A Chest Of Drawers And Don't Have Any Concept On Size Or Cost Of Items And End Up With These

My Buddy Ordered This Pillow For His Daughter

When You Are Not Sure About Your Outfit. It Says Lion Costume Online. Really? More Like A Bad Hair Day Costume

Expectations Vs. Reality - Not Even Similar

So My Roommate And I Ordered Chairs Online And This Is What We Got

Mother's Day Nightmare Gift: My Nephew's Faces On Pillows

I Ordered Flowers For My Mother From 1-800-Flowers. Happy Mother's Day?

Nice Try Ebay

When You Think That You Are Buying Knitted Cushions From Amazon But You Have Actually Bought Cushions With Pictures Of Knitted Cushions On Them


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