A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos (52 pics)

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Crab migration, Christmas Island, Australia.
“The Jurassic Coast on the south coast of England.”
A broken pole that looks like a hanging cross.
“Leatherback sea turtle’s mouth.”
The photo of a lone atom that won the competition of scientific images.
The road has been cleaned.

“Shining” waterfall, Bigar, Romania.

The most introverted house on a mountain top in Georgia.
A border mark in a passport stamped on the 1st of January.
Finger calculator. Consists of 2 plates, held like a brass knuckles. The counting process happens by fingers and plates interlacing.
Ice chrysanthemums in the Amur region.
Frozen waterfall.
Kebab for a small group of people or one very hungry one.
A spiral from the clouds.
A dog taking care of little bunnies.
The launch of the SpaceX “Falcon 9” rocket.
Sea Princess: a crowned Chirolophis japonicus fish.
A sharp contrast between sand dunes and a dried lake.
Lunar rover left while landing on the Moon.
Croissants that look like wooden bars.
The horns of deer are painted with reflective paint to reduce the number of accidents on roads.
Musical typing machine.
This fish deserves its name, Black Swallower because they can swallow fish up to 10 times heavier than they are.
A train that goes through an occupied house in Chongqing, China.
This camel’s hairstyle.
This cobra cub.
The Greta oto butterfly with transparent wings.
The skull of a whale.
The colorfully bearded agama.
A sea anemone.
Ash streams during the eruption of Mount Sinabung in Indonesia.
The jaws of a Crabeater seal.
“Mom bought an egg off eBay... Now we have an emu.”
The puffer fish skeleton.
The storage of ready cars at the Volkswagen factory.
These black opals.
These largest known flying animals from the time of the dinosaurs.
The caterpillar of cosmic colors.
A waterfall of lava.
“This is what a ‘split lobster’ looks like. This coloring occurs in one of every 50 million lobsters.”
“Freeman is an artificial island in San Pedro Bay, California, built in 1965.”
An exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum.
“Fossilized crinoids from the Kansas ocean of the Cretaceous Period.”
This four-horned Jacob sheep’s skull.
A tooth of a whale.
A fish with blue meat.

Building bridge foundations on a river

Camera in a furniture screw

Gills of a whale shark.

The original Super Mario Brothers Game was designed on Graph paper

Lightning strikes through a rainbow

Beautiful Vietnamese Mossy Tree Frog

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