Life Is Great, And These Photos Will Make You Remember That! (49 pics)

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You thought there was no way to make a llama cuter? How about a lobster suit?
“Someone in my building is a much better human than I am.”
An 83-year-old man makes money mowing lawns.

The man’s 20-year-old truck died so he’d been pushing his lawnmower several miles just to get to each house. One of his customers started a GoFundMe page earlier this month, raised $13,000 for a new truck and had enough money left over to pay for the insurance and buy him a new lawnmower.

“My cousin really went swimming with a goat and they both look happy.”
“Today my mom drove 2 hours to my college to bring me homemade snowman cookies. No explanation why.”
A gazelle entered a shop in the state of Colorado. The owner decided to give him some chocolate and cookies. He left and half an hour later, he came back with his entire family.
“My son accidentally left his favorite stuffed animal, Hamilton, on my dad’s farm. My dad had some fun making a story out of it.”
“This dog likes to hold its owner’s hand at all times. You can pet him and right after that, he will return to his owner to ask him to hold his hand. I see him every time and it melts my heart.”
“Got a new puppy a few weeks ago. I bought her a large doggy bed and 100% expected the cats to try and steal it from her. I came into the living room to find this instead.”
“He is a failed guide dog — failed for being too friendly. But now he is a disability support dog and my newest best friend. Every day he enjoys a carrot because he is a very good boy.”
A kangaroo who loves the Sun
“My mom works at a hospital and they have this service dog go around to cheer up patients. Here he is earlier today full of Christmas spirit.”

Thank you unsung hero for paying it forward

My mom is volunteering at a dog shelter and she’s shooting pictures of dogs for adoption

Police officer receives award from man he helped save. I felt like this belonged here.

Was eating my Chinese food when this little Asian woman working behind the counter stopped taking orders to help an elderly man navigate the rainy walk to his seat. She was incredibly patient with him during his slooooow order and even brought his food outside for him. Faith in humanity restored.

Was reading at a coffee shop and saw this guy looking up vet services for an injured sparrow he had just found.

My 6-year-old daughter cut off over 13 inches of her hair to donate!

This is Anthony Borges, 15. He used his body to hold a classroom door shut, protecting 20 other students inside as the gunman fired through the door, hitting him five times. Let's pray for his speedy recovery.

Made cookies and brought them to the local nursing home. This is Mrs. Posey. She is 112 and the nurse said she hasn't had a visitor in over 3 years.

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