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Epic Images That Are Truly Fascinating (52 pics)

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Cats love taking baths but in hats and behind closed doors
This is not a dragon, it’s a real gecko
These are three different movies with Dwayne Johnson
An oak leaf can stain concrete
Owls can sit like this
“Bought the same vitamins in the UK (left) and in Portugal (right). The northern variant has twice the vitamin D of the southern variant.”
“I’ve been able to do this my entire life. My friends think that this is not normal.”
Water makes rabbits skinny.
This is not styrofoam. It’s snow.
Fun fact about Germany:
Cats are scared of pasta.
X-rays were used to record music.
You can never unsee this.
Some bear attacks begin with a polite knock on the door.
Apparently bottled water has to be marked whether it’s vegan or vegetarian
Legos have a skeleton.
Cool cat trick
“I know it’s not the most interesting picture in the world, but here’s the inside of my garbage truck, for all your little kids who’ve wanted to see one.”
Scotch tape makes translucent glass transparent.
Thai police have corgis.
This is another way to break your headphones.
Some cats have thumbs.
This bath soap doesn’t contain gluten.
“It’s a house made to look like a boat...made of car windshields!”
This bench that looks like a book:
“I found a pearl in my oyster from the fish market today.”
An old cup that keeps your moustache dry
Layers of paint on an NYC subway pillar
Giant anatomically correct heart made of legos
“This used sand paper looks like Jupiter.”
“My kitten has two canines.”
“The wind formed a snow wave in our backyard.”
A baby flamingo doing the flamingo leg.
A chimera girl. She has two sets of DNA, and she is her own twin sister.
Sushi installation
The periodic table in a lab
Evolution of a tornado
“I cut right through this screw in my workshop.”
Rochester, New York’s snow can catch you off guard, for sure.
Found the cliff this Clif bar came from:
“This young lady received a telegram from the Queen for turning 100 years old. She let her postman take her picture on the condition that ’everyone’ would see it.”
My sister’s front door on Plum Island.
This is not a television, it’s a boulder with a precisely cut rectangle.

The theater of fingers.

“I wanted to take a photo on the edge of the boat and suddenly dolphins jumped out of the water. It was the perfect moment.”

No Photoshop at all — only makeup.

Hey, at least her wipers aren’t frozen in Hull, England.

A brick wall polished by the ocean.

“My drive into work this morning.”
Beautiful glow
Artists spend hours creating ideal compositions of natural objects.
This Canadian train must be on a strict diet.

Credits: brightside.me

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