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Here’s How This Stuff Should Actually Be Used (15 pics)

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The rooster is holding a mash paddle for making beer.

This ring was used as a horse hitch. These days, sometimes people hitch plastic toy horses to them. For example, this dog came across these little horses.

It’s a spring-loaded coin holder. And it has nothing to do with the profession of the owner.

It’s a corn desilker. Removes the silk from the cob. This is what it looks like.

It’s a soap holder. Push the cap into the soap and the bracket can be attached to the wall.

It’s a rolling pin. Fill it with ice water for pie crust rolling.

It’s a sharpener for knives or razor blades. The package says how it was used.

It’s a urine flow rate meter. It would normally have a container on top of that scale on the floor.


It’s a vintage hand warmer. You had to light up the stick inside the warmer and it would burn and warm your hands.

It’s a sewing tool called a seam ripper. It is used to take apart sewn seams.

On Navy ships, they melt/compress and recycle their trash into plastic disks like this. Most likely, one fell and this is a small chunk of it.

This is used for scraping/grating the insides of coconuts.

These are vintage cocktail spoons. You could use it to squash a cherry in your drink.

It’s a potato baker. You put potatoes on the spikes in the oven and bake them.

It’s for collecting crumbs from the table and emptying ashtrays. Now it’s used for vintage decor.

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