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Cats Will Sit Anywhere They Can Fit In (35 pics + 5 gifs)

Posted in Animals   28 Mar 2018   / 3529 views

Our Cute Cat Loves It’s Fish Bowl

Laziest Cat Ever

I Think Your Cheese Stick Is Melting

My Friend's Cat Climbed Into A Plastic Flower Pot

A Bowl Of Flour

A Catpuccino

Update: Feline Continues To Seek Fully Liquid State

Indisputable Proof That Cats Are Liquid

You Both Can't Fit... Oh, I Forgot Cats Were Liquid

I'll Have A Glass Of...

Waterfall Kitty

Meet Blimp Kitty. I Took This When I Was Walking Around My Neighborhood In Boston. Two Seconds After I Took The Photo It Moved And Looked Totally Normal. So Strange

I Fits I Sits Junior Edition

A Liquid Has No Fixed Shape Therefore It Takes The Shape Of Any Container

It's So Hot, Even The Cat Has Melted


My Sink Is Clogged

Both Solid And Liquid

Overflowing Pussy

Spilling Over The Brim

Liquid Purr

Another Liquid Cat

What's For Dinner?

Liquid Cat

Angie Loves Her Jar

Cat Is Liquid

I Am So Comfortable

More Proof That Cats Can Become Liquid At Will

Oh No, Your Smoothie Is Spilling Over The Edges


Regular Circle Cat

Sink Full Of Cat

This Cat Is Basically Waterfalling Down The Stairs

If Atticus Fits, Atticus Sits

A Jar Of Cat

Why Choose Flowers If You Have A Cat

If It Fits, I Sits

If It Fits Is Sits. Or In This Case Sleeps

I Really Don't Understand How A Big Cat Can Fit In This Container

My Cat Climbed Into A Pot And It Looks Like He Turned Into A Liquid

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