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Kids Aren’t Shy Of Doing Creepy Stuff… (35 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Kids   4 Apr 2018   / 3256 views

Just drinking out a scary doll head NBD.

Straight to the point.

She’s doing a test run before summoning the actual devil.

The logic of a psychopath.

Someone either needs to have “the talk” or got the way wrong talk.

This kid is in jail now.

Oh cool Disney bought the Saw franchise.

Everyone who reads this dies 3 days later.

Bury this deep and salt the ground.

I mean, he’s not wrong.

Look daddy the heads fit in the oven. (crawls backwards up a wall)

Treat yo self.

She leaves her dolls hanging from the stairs. What a treat children are.

Also when I grow up I’m going to wear suits made of people.

I don’t remember this part of Tangled.

All of these are upsetting in their own way.

C.S.I. Barbie?

This kid is in jail now.

This kid is either going to assault someone or solve the world’s styrofoam problem.

Dog vandalism is where I draw the line.

Oh markers are non-toxic now? Better start eating them I guess.

Follow your dreams.

Have children they said. It’s so fulfilling. Nah.

I am become death…

Um, my eyes are up here, and they’re looking into your soul.

I see you dead people.

GTFO of here, Buzz.

Ol’ ghost bush is always watching, even when you can’t see him.

This kid looks like he has a knife.

Flash forward 20 years to when Gabi is sitting on a throne of skulls.

Time to make more…horses?

Have you heard the good news about my Lord of Darkness?

Lot’s of people do.

Make room for the rest of us.

This one comes from the heart.

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