Binge Read Through These TV Facts (18 pics)

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A Fired ABC Exec Did The ‘Previously, On LOST’ Voiceover

Lloyd Braun, who originally greenlit the show and was fired because he gave LOST a $12 million pilot budget, said those magic words that bein each episode.


The Original Title For ‘Stranger Things’ Was ‘Montauk’

Montauk refers to the Montauk Project, a wild conspiracy theory that the U.S. Government was conducting phsychological experiments on children throughout the 1980’s.


The Tutu Sarah Jessica Parker Wore In The ‘Sex & The City’ Intro Was Super Cheap

The show’s costume designer found it in a bargain bin for five bucks right before they started shooting the intro.


Queen Mary (Elizabeth II’s Mom) Was Such A Big Fan Of ‘Golden Girls’ That She Had Them Perform For Her Live

They attended the 1988 Royal Variety Performance and recreated several scenes for the Queen Mother in the London Palladium.


To Prepare For His Role As Sam, Ted  Danson Went To Bartending School

Danson spent two weeks in a Californian bar school to get ready for Cheers.


There Were Two Shows Named ‘Saturday Night Live’ That Began The Same Year

ABC’s Saturday Night Live With Howard Cosell only lasted one season and it’s existence is the reason why NBC’s SNL began its recordings with, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!”


The Iconic Intro To “The Office” Was Filmed By John Krasinski

The footage of Scranton that is so heavily featured during the opening credits was filmed by Krasinski while he was touring the city to get a feel for the town, as well as interview real paper company employees.


Chris’s Voice In ‘Family Guy’ Is Based On Buffalo Bill From ‘Silence Of The Lambs’

Seth Green’s buddy challenged him to do the impression at Green’s audition and the voice stuck.


The Fur Cloaks In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Are From IKEA

Costume Designer Michelle Clapton claims they cut them, shaved them down, then added the leather and straps.


Perd Hapley On ‘Parks And Rec’ Actually Used To Be A Reporter In Real Life

Jay Jackson, who plays Hapley in the show, was a reporter for 22 years at KCAL 9 News in LA.


In ‘Gilmore Girls,’ Alexis Bledel’s Coffee Cup Was Always Filled With Soda

Warner Bros.

The young actress hated coffee.


Luke From ‘Modern Family’ Is Low-Key A Genius

Actor Nolan Gould has an IQ of 150, is a member of Mensa, and graduated high school at 13.


The Pool In ‘The O.C.’ Was Only 4 Feet Deep

The actors would be on their knees while filming.


Taylor Hicks Received More American Votes Than Ronald Reagan Did In 1984

Hicks won American Idol with 63 million votes, while Ronald Reagan won the presidential election with 54.5 million votes.


A Lot Of ‘The Bachelor’ Hometown Dates Aren’t Even At The Contestant’s Home

Several contestants choose the home of a relative or even a friend.


Matthew Broderick Was Supposed To Be Walter White

John Cusack and Matthew Broderick both turned down the role before it was offered to Bryan Cranston.


Gillian Anderson Is So Much Shorter Than David Duchovny, She Had To Stand On A Box

She’s 10 inches shorter than Duchovny and the box was used to reduce that difference for better shot composition.


‘Saved By The Bell,’ ‘That’s So Raven,’ And ‘iCarly’ All Shared The Same High School Set

It’s been around for awhile.





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