People Who Had The Will To Change Their Lives (43 pics)

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“Photo on the left was from 2 years ago today and I’m still shocked that I actually have a neck.”
“My wife and I have lost a ton of weight together! It has brought us closer together and we are so much happier for it. 170 lb in this picture together, 185 lb currently.”

“Weight gain can be just as hard as weight loss.”

A transformation of a homeless man

“My success in treating rosacea and acne.”

“Doesn’t seem like much to some, but this is after 100 days of no alcohol. Don’t let fear of judgment get in the way of a better life.”
This transformation is the best proof against the general opinion that women gain weight after getting married:
“60 lb to 95 lb. One year of recovering from anorexia; no doctors, no tubes, no intervention — just me and a lot of hard work.”
“Transformation: I don’t have a clue how this is even the same person, but they are both me.”
Before and after getting rid of alcoholic and drug addiction:

6 years without cancer!

“My face before & after losing 350 lb.”

“I successfully conquered acne within 8 months.”
“I lost 70 lb and have been free from alcohol and drugs for 3 months.”

She managed to lose 200 lb.

“I live with Hypophosphatasia. It’s a rare bone disorder that causes a lot of bone and muscle problems. I’ve been losing my teeth since I was 13. Needless to say, I’m very happy today.”

“Today marks 9 months of CF and I gave birth to what appear to be muscles! Who knew someone who hadn’t even touched a barbell up until that point could fall in love with getting stronger each day? Completing my first Tough Mudder on Saturday!”

“Recovery from an eating disorder is a long and rough process and I can’t thank my friends and family enough for staying by my side.”

“Instead of celebrating our wedding anniversary, I’m celebrating dropping 285 pounds of dead weight.”

“Through thick and thin. Together my wife and I have lost 315 lb.”

“Before-and-after pic just 4 weeks into getting my Rosacea under control!!!! Feels amazing to not have to hide my face!!!”

Weight loss transformation. From 250 lb to 176 lb in 7 months following keto/low-carb only.

She managed to lose 150 lb in a year.

He lost 600 lb and changed his life completely.
An amazing body transformation
“Almost a year down and nearly 130 lb gone. My first time following through with a New Years resolution.”
“First flight in two years where I didn’t have to ask for the belt extension. A non-scale victory!”
“One year and 100 lb lost. Another 100 lb to lose by next year!”
“Since 2009 I went from 260 lb to 155 lb. That’s a 105 lb weight loss.”
“Four years in the making. Dedication finally paying off. 350 lb down to 175 lb.”
“85 lb lost and a new life gained. Bring on the next adventure!”
“I lost 69 lb in eleven months. I have been overweight my whole life, but hard work and determination will get you far!”
“150 lb lost in 9 months.”
“Lost 60 lb with determination and dedication!”
“I lost 103 lb. I have been doing weight watchers for 11 months and started running 5 months ago.”
“Went from 475 lb to 140 lb in 3 years and 10 months. I went from not fitting in the store’s biggest sizes, to being a size shy of being unable to fit into their smallest.”
“Two years ago, I decided to make a change. 50 lbs later, I’m training for a half marathon and wore this to work today!”
“I went from 360 lb to 194 lb in a year.”
“I lost 45 lb in 21 months. My mom sent me a picture from 2015 the other day... it has been a long journey but it was worth it.”
“I lost 153 lb in one year.”
“I lost 66 lb in five months.”
“This is what losing 160 lb looks like.”
“70 lb down, never felt so good!”
“My sister before and after losing over 168 lb in 11 months.”



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