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People Who Went a Bit Too Far (39 pics)

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“My classmates broke up and had a break-up photoshoot.”
This is how this woman decided to celebrate her divorce:
A true fan: a guy collected all 1,262 games released for Wii.
This man collected all $1 casino chips from every casino in Las Vegas:
“My collection of empty lighters.”
When you want to sell an overcoat online but don’t feel like showing your face:
Can these positive vibrations be more important than your safety?
The owners of a restaurant in Vietnam were so proud Obama visited them, they decided to put his table on display.
“My friend used a food processor on potatoes before boiling them “for faster-mashed potatoes.”
A drugstore overdid it with all the ad coupons in one receipt.
Could that drug instruction be any longer?
A designer of this shower cabin tried to make it more comfortable. It turned out to be a little too comfortable.
“I gathered all unnecessary sticky tape and rolled it up into a ball. Here’s what it looks like.”
Hospital authorities installed a colon-looking arch to promote colon cancer screenings.
This restaurant serves bread in the most creative way — in a fur bag.
“I asked my sister to dry my pants while I got dressed. Here’s what she did.”
A guy couldn’t decide which watches would match his underwear, so he decided to wear them all at once.
You should wear the fanciest dress for school photos.

When you need to invisibly sneak out of a window at night, you will even sacrifice your hair.

I spent 4 hours on this Christmas costume. Just imagine!

"My old man matches his drink to his outfit."

"We’re leaving my dog with a family friend, and my mom packed her a bag."

He hates the seats...so he brought a couch.

When you are extremely alone:


"So my dog has a closet for all of his ties and bow ties."

"My friend is going on holiday to Pompeii and painted her nails like a volcano."

When you are a big fan of frills and bows:

"My aunt has a monthly photo shoot for her dogs."

You’ll even spoil your evening dress for good photos of your bestie.

We have several questions for the employees of this furniture shop.

"My mom has fought with so many of her friends that this picture is just of her with a bunch of headless ladies."

"Honesty is the key."

This woman prepared a cake in the form of a cat’s litter box for her students. The logic is clear: everyone likes cats.

A little too big!

Some people take popcorn to cinemas. This woman decided to take a corn on the cob.

Best senior quote

A tiny laptop was bought for this doggy to give him a chance to pretend that he is doing something important.

"I didn’t come home for Thanksgiving, and now my family behaves as if I died."

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