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A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos (53 pics)

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The way that this sewer grate opens reminds us of the entrance to a dragon’s dungeon.

Hotel Parkroyal in Singapore looks as if it’s straight out of a drawing on a computer screen.

This $30,000 handmade wooden bathtub
Freedom of the Spell by Francesco Queirolo,1757. The net is made of marble too!
Recycled cardboard used as an alternative to bubble wrap.
A box of slushy straws

A banana fan

An unequally divided chocolate bar you’d definitely enjoy.

The Old Colony Building, Chicago. Built in 1893, the building was power washed in 2009.

A current Japanese trend is polishing tin foil balls to perfection.

What a disguise!
This kitten saw a dog for the first time.
Numbers carved out of pencil lead

This urinal in a German bar had a soccer goal and movable ball inside of it.

Power lines fell and made these burn marks on the sidewalk.
The bathroom at this restaurant has a foot pedal for the tap.
Pretzels dipped in white chocolate with sprinkles on the tips.

Carrots come in different colors.

A volcano erupting right in Calbuco, Chile

We bet you haven’t seen a dog from this angle

The village of Bourtange, Vlagtwedde, Netherlands

A make up project that illustrates what the same hand looks like with different tones of skin color

This is what the hooves of a newborn foal look like.

A scar made during laser eye surgery

This 512-year-old Greenland shark is the world’s oldest vertebrate.

A skull of an arsinoitherium looks like it was created by a fantasy writer.


The “Titanic” compared to a modern cruise line ship

The Sun seen through an ultraviolet lens

The Eltz castle, Germany

Laerdal tunnel

This is how sakura blossoms look from above.

The first flower that grew in space

They sell frozen fried eggs in Spain.

An octopus is riding a sea turtle.

I wonder what kind of chicken could come out of this egg?

Pentagonal oranges
Mojave desert covered with snow
A peeled lemon
A Playboy for the blind
A tomato packed with mini-tomatoes
A river dolphin
A two-colored pepper
A hairless guinea pig
A village in China
A turtle’s mouth
Under a wave
Violet potatoes from Peru. There are 4,000 types of potatoes there.
Aloe Polyphylla plant
Unusual ice crystals
Lenticular clouds, The Far East
“The Mona Lisa” made of spools of threads
A gigantic bottle cap

Credits: brightside.me

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