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Kids' Ingenious Revenge On Their Parents (30 pics)

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“My child hates me. I legit thought I almost touched a roach in the fridge and thought for sure we were going to have to burn the house down.”

“When you think your kid is being sweet but it’s really a toothpaste Oreo…”

“Someone is a little early for April Fools. Found this “bug” in my bedside lamp”

“My kids have upped their game this year!”

“Kids planted a dollar on fishing line in the road… they are waiting on their first victim.”

“I almost had a heart attack y’all. The of my kids thought it would be funny to hide a spider spider ring under my laundry pile.”

“Oh, summer fun! I have to give the little guy props for creativity on this one”

“My #crazykid occasionally leaves a plastic spider for me to find while cooking in the kitchen or sitting on the porch. Last night I went to brush my teeth and I found this cockroach in the bathroom sink.”

“Found this waiting for me as I crawled into bed. Looks like Zack will be getting a life lesson tomorrow on payback.”

This kid definitely has a bright future

This little savage is going places.

Kid pulls “stranger in the house” prank.

This kid who set up a pleasant morning greeting for his mom.

When your kid decides they don’t want you to practice the piano.

This kid decided to get revenge by writing his mom’s least favorite word everywhere.

“So my baby girl decided to play legos on her brothers head while he was asleep.”

“What happens when #Daddy pretends to fall asleep on the couch…”

“When you open your laptop and your seven year old has pranked you. “

This kid who dressed up like a scarecrow to creep out his teacher.

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