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Surprising Things That Might Have Only Occurred on Our Planet (17 pics)

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“My sister was placed under house arrest. Poor thing. I can see how much she’s suffering.”

“Made a sandwich 10 minutes ago and I’ve been looking for it ever since.”

“Our dog Nicky died several years ago. Ever since then, our cat Tremmy has been regularly visiting Nicky’s ashes.”

“I decided to order a cake for my friend Nick. When they asked me what name I wanted to put on it, I thought they said color and answered: “Suprise me.” So, they put the name “Steve.”

“One day a guy came into my bar and asked if it was animal-friendly. I said ‘yes’ assuming he meant dog, and then he came back with a turtle.”

“During a heavy rain, my bedroom ceiling caved in and a little kitten fell down from the hole. We named him Asbestos and now he lives with us.”

“I regularly use a Lush massage soap with real coffee beans. Over time one of the beans that fell into the sink grew a little plant.”

Who knew?

What a surprise!

“One day I noticed a weird gathering in the mall: several guys grabbed a bench and took it somewhere. When I approached them, I noticed that they were using it to sit comfortably and admire the kittens in a pet shop window.”

Not only beautiful, but can see into the future

“Today I received a package that I didn’t order. I have no idea who I should thank for it and my cat isn’t thrilled about it either.”

Can you imagine the end of this story?

“I’ll never buy clothes on the internet ever again.”

Pretty sure these fish never saw this coming:

Go home, gas pump hose, you’re tired.

This is a cat-nurse named Ron. When he was a homeless kitten, he accidentally walked into a vet clinic, and easily joined the other doctors. Today his job is to calm down nervous pets when they get their teeth treated by the dentist.

Credits: brightside.me

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