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Most Inventive Tiny RV Enters The Market (27 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Cars   19 Apr 2018   / 3851 views

When it comes to building vehicles, there’s always a delicate balance of form vs function, but the best builders can figure out how to put function first, and still have it look beautiful. It seems like VanDoIt has nailed that concept, and managed to make it affordable at the same time.

They start with all marine grade materials and equipment, and construct a solid base from which to build. Heavy duty aluminum rails with built in slides are used for the frame work, making the entire interior modular, and allowing customers to install whatever products and tie-downs they want.

Next they upgrade the electronics with three deep-cycle batteries, a solar charging system and inverter, electrical management panels and an array of waterproof switches and wiring. Wherever they could upgrade a wire or connection they did, and wherever they could simplify the system they would. Their entire goal was to maximize utility while minimizing complexity.
The walls were upgraded with layers of insulation and an air gap in order to help the van retain warmth or coolness in various seasons, and the air ducting was run through the ceiling and floor, giving the van heated or cooled floors when temperatures are excessive in either direction. The ceiling was also equipped with a full “internal roof-rack”, which is essentially a modular tie-down system to hang skis, netting clothing, or anything else you can think of out of the way.

The bed raises and lowers to accommodate anything from gear bags to motorcycles, and the lower level is a slide out garage with space for a full tool kit, water system, air compressor, and so much more. When traveling with friends, the bottom layer converts to a bed, adding another double bed into the mix.

Four-wheel drive options are available thanks to a partnership with Quigley, and the interior can be equipped with removable kitchens, toilets, and cabinetry. Best of all, the entire van can be purchased for prices ranging from $48,000 to $78,000.


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