Celebrity Photos Coming Straight From The History (23 pics)

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Bill Nye the Science Guy back when he was just Bill Nye the Bio Bro.

Jackie Chan as Chun-Li and Gary Daniels as Ken on the set of City Hunter, 1993. Because, why not?

LeVar Burton takes an epic selfie.

18 year old Adam Savage, in Billy Joel's 1985 video for You're Only Human. Yes, this is a real thing!

Vincent Price with his son Vincent Barrett Price, about 1946.

A young Robert Downey Jr and his dad's friend Mike Tyson, early 1980s.

Polaroid shot during auditions for The Outsiders, 1982. Rob Lowe, Darren Dalton, Adam Baldwin, Tom Cruise, Emilio Estevez and C.Thomas Howell. That coat on C. Thomas Howell is the 80sest thing that ever 80sed.

Tiffani Amber Thiessen, Lark Voorhies and Elizabeth Berkley goof around in the wardrobe department on the Saved By The Bell set, 1989/1990.

Mickey Rooney visits with Ray Bolger as the Scarecrow on the set of the Wizard of Oz, 1939.

Dad Lloyd Bridges spraying son Jeff Bridges with a squirt gun while other son Beau Bridges looks on.

Leonard Nimoy proudly showing off his 'Hobbitt' Hole cake, in honor of the release of his song The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins, 1968. Yes, that is also a thing.

John Wayne backstage on the set of Laugh In, getting fitted in his bunny suit. 1969.

Mullet George Clooney.

Bette Midler and her backup singers the Harlettes, about 1982. The Harlette on the far left, is a young Katey Sagal; she performed with Bette in 1978 and 82-83.

Christopher Reeve signs autographs during a break in filming the Niagra Falls scene on the set of Superman 2, 1980.

Charlie Chaplin losing it laughing while filming Limelight, 1952.

Sigourney Weaver getting ready to have her head shaved ahead of filming Alien 3.

Eric Idle, Lauren Hutton and Carrie Fisher back stage at the Hollywood Bowl, 1982.

John Travolta, Brian De Palma, Nancy Allen and cast and crew wearing potato noses on the set of Blow Out, 1981. Assistant cameraman Michael Gershman said “John complained that Vilmos’s lighting made him look like he had a potato nose. So I sent out for a large bag of spuds, had my assistant cut them in half and hollow them out. We attached the elastic from dust masks and everyone had a potato nose. John walked on set and didn’t notice at first and then broke up.”

Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner meets Wonder Woman Lynda Carter.

Here's a dapper young Bruce Lee with his son Brandon, 1966.

Andy Warhol and Jack Nicholson share a car, 1971. Who would have thought Nicholson would be the snappier dressed of the two?

Michael Jackson with two old ladies all clutching their handbags while sitting on a park bench. MJ's bag wins.


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