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Future Is Already Here With These Genius People (51 pics)

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Make sure your mom doesn’t know that you cut holes in her purse.

Tired of holding your plate? Well, this kid has a solution.

Cuteness from the future!

Being a former engineer turned stay-at-home dad is a bad idea, they said.

The only reason to put on underwear:

Feeling Lazy 101

Ninja art with multiple umbrellas

When you’re hungry but it’s too hot to eat:

“Guy took pictures of the Yankees vs Mariners all night like this.”

When the doctor is your friend:

If your scuba diving instructor looks like this, it’s time to worry.

Defining fashion, 3018 style

What do you guys think of our new headlight?

“Got blackout drunk and woke up to this.”

This is how they’ll trim hair in 3018:

When you’re clever enough to own the company, but you’re just an employee:

“My toaster is broken!”

Remember that stay-at-home engineer daddy?

When you’re late for class and haven’t taken a shower yet:

Haters will say, “He’s not from the future.”

We’re all living in 2018, while Microsoft is living in 20012.

We’re all living in 2018 while these people have been living in 3017.

This boy is a time traveler.

Told you!

My girlfriend’s fish was lonely...
Onions are especially violent in India.
You wanna spray it — spray it well!
When your toaster breaks down:
He should market this idea.
Barbeques seem to be different out in the country.
Someone grew up to be an engineer.
This little passenger needs to be comfy.
Mass production of sunbeds
All the help you need — physically and emotionally
Clean and drive in one... umm. Two swipes.
This table has more testosterone than I ever will.
Fancy ride, man!
Small sink, long tap
Sausage dispenser
Handy keys
New definition of a “hot plate”
Bigger shovel? No problem!
Spillage from this cupholder tho...
Sausage party!
You’ve never been to college if you don’t find this awesome.
Too many old keyboards and not enough coat hangers? Problem solved!
A very Warhol approach to shelf space
The universal umbrella holder
Burnt vs undercooked problem solved
Suspenders in our day...

Credits: brightside.me

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